VERITAS Announces Next Generation SANPoint Control

VERITAS has announced the next generation of SANPoint Control, a storage management tool designed to simplify the administration of DAS and SAN environments as well as the storage infrastructure for business-critical applications such as Oracle and Microsoft Exchange.

According to VERITAS the increased scope and interoperability of SANPoint Control, which is part of the VERITAS Adaptive Software Architecture, allows companies to more easily view and manage their entire storage infrastructure from a single console. This reduces the complexity of managing multi-vendor, multi-platform storage environments.

“CIOs and IT departments need to ensure the performance and availability of mission-critical applications, but at the same time are dealing with highly complex storage infrastructures,” said Bob Passmore, Research Director, Storage, Gartner. “As companies look to reduce the growing costs of managing exploding storage environments, centralized solutions are needed to help companies better view and manage all of their storage, not just a portion of it.”

SANPoint Control provides a comprehensive visualization of a storage infrastructure, from the application through to the storage device. VERITAS says that this application-aware viewpoint of storage resources helps companies identify and proactively eliminate potential network and storage bottlenecks.

In addition, SANPoint Control offers improved policy-based automation that allows companies to more easily and proactively manage storage capacity. This automation can reduce storage management costs while increasing the availability of business applications that depend on storage resources. To help companies set more intelligent policies to manage storage resources, the new VERITAS SANPoint Control also provides enhanced reporting capability, generating comprehensive, customizable reports to measure storage utilization, network performance and storage capacity.

“With the expansion of OpenTV’s data centers, our IT team was faced with the challenge of managing more storage capacity with the same resources,” said Marcus Johnston, Worldwide Director of IT, OpenTV. “By automating storage management tasks, such as provisioning storage through VERITAS SANPoint Control, we are now able to more efficiently meet the increasing demands of the business. SANPoint Control not only works across a wide variety of hardware devices, but also integrates with VERITAS Foundation Suite and VERITAS Cluster Server to provide a software platform for our storage management needs.”

SANPoint Control 3.5 is available immediately. Pricing begins at $20,000.

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