VERITAS Storage Software Suite Available for Solaris 9

VERITAS has announced that its industry-leading VERITAS Foundation Suite(TM) storage management software is now available to customers of Sun Solaris(TM) 9, the latest update to Sun’s UNIX operating environment.

VERITAS Foundation Suite combines VERITAS File System(TM), a standard file system for mission-critical enterprise applications, and VERITAS Volume Manager(TM), the industry’s No. 1 storage virtualization solution in revenue, according to Gartner Dataquest*. VERITAS Foundation Suite combined with Solaris 9 platform provides the highest levels of application performance and availability, as well as centralized, simplified management of Sun and mixed-vendor environments.

“By delivering our storage infrastructure products in coordination with Solaris 9, VERITAS Software continues to meet customer needs for enterprise storage management across all platforms and operating systems,” said Mark Bregman, executive vice president of product operations, VERITAS Software. “Our collaboration with Sun results in tightly-coupled product releases, seamless interoperability and exceptional application performance.”

VERITAS Software and Sun enhanced their long history of partnering last month when Sun announced its participation in VERITAS Enabled(TM), an industry-wide technology partner program designed to improve the interoperability of multi-vendor solutions in complex, heterogeneous storage environments. Working together with Sun to synchronize the delivery of its storage products ensures that VERITAS Software’s storage software works seamlessly with the newest Sun hardware and software on the market. VERITAS Software solutions are available through Sun, VERITAS, or a preferred reseller. A cooperative support agreement between VERITAS Software and Sun delivers efficient resolution of support issues in Sun hardware and Solaris environments where VERITAS Software products are deployed

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