ADIC Unveils First iSCSI Tape Offerings

Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) has unveiled what it claims are the first iSCSI options from a major library vendor.

The iSCSI connectivity options for ADIC’s Scalar 24 and Scalar 100 models give workgroups, branch offices, and smaller enterprises an easier way to perform backups by allowing users to connect the libraries directly to their Ethernet networks, say ADIC product marketing managers Jeff Eckard and Steve

Whereas Fibre Channel storage networks require specialized skills, “everyone has people who know how to do Ethernet,” says Whitner.

The iSCSI library option can plug directly into the local area network, or it can run on a separate network for higher performance and security. iSCSI-enabling existing libraries gives smaller organizations the benefits of automation, consolidation, and ease of management, according to Eckard and Whitner.

Using standard Ethernet networks to back up multiple servers to a single, networked tape library allows for central administration and higher performance. The result is an easy-to-implement path to consolidated data protection using ordinary networking components that are readily available, easy to install and manage, and economical to maintain. The iSCSI option “brings peace of mind to IT managers responsible for providing the highest level of data protection with the lowest ongoing TCO,” ADIC says.

The Scalar 24 “is the first compact library to offer full enterprise-class data protection at entry-level prices,” the company claims. It includes the latest LTO and SuperDLT drive technology, scalable management, a guaranteed capacity upgrade path, and integrated storage networking options, for savings of 30% or more on backup costs. It is available with one or two tape drives and up to 24 media slots.

The Scalar 100 is a midrange tape library that combines storage density, scalability, and storage networking support, and provides up to eight tape drives and 96 tape cartridges in just 14 standard rack units (24 1/2 inches). Supported tape technologies include LTO, SuperDLT, and AIT drives and media. Capacity and performance upgrades can be added in minutes without reconfiguring rack systems, according to ADIC.

The Scalar 24 and Scalar 100 are also available with SCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity options. Pricing for the Scalar 24 with iSCSI option starts at $17,434. The starting price for an iSCSI-enabled Scalar 100 is $22,680. Product availability is scheduled for March.

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Paul Shread
Paul Shread
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