InoStor Debuts New PerformNAS Appliance

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InoStor has announced the upcoming availability of it’s PerformNAS appliance, a high-performance, scalable Network Attached Storage solution designed to meet the cross-platform file serving demands of small and mid-sized businesses. Shipments to channel partners began this month with general availability to all customers in July.

“Users are looking for turnkey solutions and increased data security. InoStor’s PerformNAS provides disk with a tape option to meet the security needs as well as data availability and scalability,” said Ken Cruden, Vice- President of Sales & Marketing at InoStor. “Our innovative total solution offers expandable capacity with easy-to-use administrative features under $15,000.

PerformNAS is the first NAS solution to emerge from InoStor since the company was created from the merger of Tandberg Data Inc. and Land-5 Corporation.”

PerformNAS appliances will be available with as little as 216 Gigabytes of capacity and scale up to 1 Terabyte of internal storage in a 2U configuration. The PerformNAS 6000 with an internal tape backup drive supports multiple local tape backup options, including SDLT, SLR, AIT or LTO. The PerformNAS 9000 incorporates a SCSI connection that allows the attachment of an external tape device. For even more storage-intensive requirements, an external RAID port provides the connection of up to 3TB of additional capacity with external disk storage. All PerformNAS models support NDMP-based backup.

The new PerformNAS incorporates a series of performance enhancements to deliver best-in-class data throughput for multi-protocol environments serving UNIX, Windows, Linux and Macintosh clients. The scalable, high-density design enables network administrators to quickly and easily deploy up to 1TB of shared network storage capacity in 2U of rack space.

InoStor’s PerformNAS is built around it’s award-winning iceNAS software, a storage-centric OS that is performance-tuned for extremely fast file-to-disk access. The iceNAS software is coupled with SCSI drives and an optimized hardware RAID controller to create enterprise-class file access performance for small and medium businesses. PerformNAS supports RAID levels 0, 1 and 5. RAID levels can be mixed across disks, with local or global hot spares. Along with the back-end storage, InoStor’s innovative design provides additional performance benefits with the front-end network connections.

InoStor’s PerformNAS has plug-and-play installation and simplified web-based administration. Installation consists of simply plugging the unit into the Ethernet LAN and then setting up RAID levels and user permissions. A web-based graphical-user interface utility enables an IT administrator to monitor and manage multiple PerformNAS servers located anywhere in the world. Email notification alerts administrators to any problem conditions and the PerformNAS supports SNMP, allowing the units to integrate with existing enterprise network management applications.

InoStor designed the PerformNAS for maximum data availability to meet the requirements of 24/7 network computing operations. All disk drives are hot swappable and easily accessible from the front of the unit. Thermal and power conditions are constantly monitored. Any problem condition triggers an automatic email notification to the system administrator. Redundant cooling fans and power supplies are also supported.

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