INRANGE Introduces 128-Port Fibre Channel Director for SANs

INRANGE Technologies today announced the availability of the 128-port version of its IN-VSN(TM) FC/9000(TM) Fibre Channel Director for building Storage Area Networks (SANs).

According to INRANGE, which introduced a 64-port fibre channel director last year, it created the 128-Port FC/9000 in response to the demands of companies building SANs. These demands included a need for better expandability, consistency in performance with the addition of new ports to a SAN, simpler administration, and better redundancy to protect businesses from SAN downtime.

“The key letters in Storage Networking are R-O-I,” said INRANGE President and CEO Greg Grodhaus. “This comes from reduced management cost, non-disruptive growth strategies, and full, non-decreasing-throughput storage networks that are always on, always available.”

Companies already implementing the FC/9000 as part of their SAN infrastructure include, Austrian Railways, and Eclipsys.

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