Raidtec Launches NAS-in-a-Flash

Raidtec Corporation announced yesterday the launch of NAS-in-a-Flash, an implementation of its NAS Operating System, FlashLinux. NAS-in-a-Flash is the entire FlashLinux combination of NAS OS and storage applications suite embedded in a Flash plug-in module for Intel CPU based motherboards.

NAS-in-a-Flash offers a full featured, well-proven and reliable NAS OS embedded in a Flash Memory module, which is plugged into an IDE header on supported motherboards. The NAS Filer is then ready to go. Simply plug it into the Ethernet LAN and switch it on. Configuration is through a Web browser from any client computer on the LAN.

“NAS-in-a-Flash provides the motherboard and System Builder manufacturer with a compelling opportunity to help their customers expand into the NAS and server appliance market, providing added value at very little cost,” said Noel May, CEO at Raidtec Corporation.

Product Features include:

  • NAS OS totally bootable and operational from Flash memory module
    No Floppy or CD drive needed — a true server appliance
  • Completely web managed – both user and maintenance GUI
  • Simultaneous UNIX NFS and MS Windows SMB/CIFS client access
  • Fully unified Windows and UNIX ACLs, Full Windows Domain security and Quotas
  • RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5 support in software or hardware with Hot Spare and Auto Rebuild
  • SCSI, Fibre Channel and ATA drive support
  • Advanced Tape backup application integrated with Scheduler and Autoloader support
  • Auto configuring support for UPS (aggressive caching, graceful shut-down)
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet support
  • XFS high performance Journaling File System for fast recovery and large file support

“This well proven NAS solution enables System Builders and VARs to immediately sell a powerful NAS appliance based on familiar hardware into the mid range General Purpose server market. NAS-in-a-Flash will greatly broaden the uptake of NAS in the mid range market and will enable System Builders to provide low cost high margin tailored server appliance options to their customers” said Bill Bedford VP Sales and Marketing Raidtec.

NAS-in-a-Flash is available now at a list price of $995. Additional optional features such as snapshot, clustering and remote copy will be available to purchase and download over the web.

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