How SD-WAN is Used by Michelin, NVIDIA, OpenEye Scientific, Momentum Telecom, Rodericks Dental, and Marmot Library Network: Case Studies

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By using software to control the wide area network (WAN), software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions simplify WAN network management.

Moreover, application performance is improved with the addition of dynamically routed application traffic and application-aware routing, while security is enhanced with real-time access control and application-aware policies.

The following six case studies highlight how organizations in various industries have benefited from the implementation of SD-WAN solutions:

1. Michelin

Michelin is the world leader in research and development for high-tech tires used on all types of vehicles.

With a need to support more than 120,000 employees in 170 countries, Michelin has the responsibility to provide efficient and reliable IT and network services.

Wanting to migrate from an existing WAN solution that used a dual MPLS link, Michelin was concerned about being dependent on local providers to deliver the necessary bandwidth. They were also facing complaints from users globally over the poor performance of business applications and audio/visual (A/V) communications.

Michelin chose VMware SD-WAN to achieve their objective of being able to directly manage and improve the quality of their IT network services.

Industry: Manufacturing

SD-WAN solution: VMware SD-WAN


  • ROI achieved in 16 months
  • 120,000 users at more than 200 sites worldwide always have the bandwidth needed
  • Easy integration of external companies following acquisitions

2. OpenEye Scientific

OpenEye Scientific is a software development firm focused on assisting drug discovery and design.

With products designed for scientific rigor, speed and scalability are critical aspects of their IT infrastructure.

Faced with cost-prohibitive upgrades to networking hardware, OpenEye Scientific needed to find a solution that could adequately support the work being done by the computational chemists, medicinal chemists, and synthetic chemists using their software.

When OpenEye Scientific released their cloud-native drug design application using Amazon Web Services (AWS), they needed an affordable, reliable, and fast way for customers to connect to the platform.

The solution came with SteelConnect, which offered quick setup, easy centralized administration, and infinite scalability without hardware limits or other frustrations.

Industry: Software development

SD-WAN solutions: Riverbed SteelConnect for Amazon Web Services


  • Addition of new network connections in minutes instead of months
  • Expand AWS footprint easily
  • Scale network connections without hardware limitations
  • Simple billing for services through AWS

3. Nvidia

The Nvidia Networking Business Unit is part of the brand that has been powering modern computing for decades.

They turned to Aryaka SmartServices when they found they were faced with networking challenges that included issues with connectivity to China, poor application performance, costly existing MPLS network, and slow deployment time for new sites.

Aryaka SmartServices was chosen for their ability to improve and accelerate global applications, the promise of improved connectivity for users in China, and their ability to enable remote workers using hybrid workplaces.

Industry: Electronics

SD-WAN solutions: Aryaka SmartServices


  • Up to 80% accelerated application performance globally
  • Up to 10x accelerated application performance in China
  • Increased productivity and collaboration for end users
  • Stable and reliable connectivity for end users globally
  • Fast deployment for new sites
  • IT resource time savings of 25–50%
  • Decreased network TCO

4. Momentum Telecom

Starting as a business phone startup, Momentum Telecom earned a place on the Inc. “5000” while becoming an established managed services provider.

With the objective of delivering unified communications as a service and managed network services to mid-sized and large enterprises around the world, Momentum Telecom needed an SD-WAN solution that could support their ongoing growth.

With Juniper, Momentum Telecom is able to provide agile, secure, and resilient connectivity to their customers.

Industry: Telecommunications

SD-WAN solution: Juniper MX480 Session Smart Router


  • Projected quadrupling of SD-WAN sales
  • WAN services business doubled due to flexible licensing
  • Significant operational improvements including better network edge visibility
  • Cost savings and faster service with remote management

5. Rodericks Dental

Rodericks Dental operates 100 practices across the U.K., with over 650 employees, making them the third largest dental group in the region.

Rodericks Dental needed a network infrastructure that could provide continuous data center connectivity, protect patient data, and improve network traffic visibility with simple management command and control.

With an inexpensive existing solution, Rodericks Dental struggled with inefficient daily tasks and operations, difficulty troubleshooting issues, and the inability to scale as the business grew.

“We tried and tested a bunch of different solutions. Most weren’t stable enough to meet the requirements for operating a combined IT security and WAN solution in a lean IT environment,” says Alex Snell, head of IT, Rodericks Dental.

After evaluating the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall and SD-WAN solution, Snell was confident they would have the functionality they needed to support their needed IT security and network infrastructure for years to come.

Industry: Health care

SD-WAN solutions: Barracuda CloudGen


  • Centrally managed security and WAN connectivity
  • Business-critical traffic prioritization
  • Simultaneous use of multiple uplinks
  • Always-on, secure data center connectivity
  • Unprecedented network traffic visibility
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Real-time troubleshooting

6. Marmot Library Network

Filled with 1.2 million one-of-a-kind books, documents, maps, and works of art, the Marmot Library Network is home to a large amount of priceless nostalgia and history.

In addition to providing IT-related services for public, academic, and school libraries in Colorado, Marmot Library Network has the responsibility to secure every item stored within their physical locations.

Cybersecurity threats and unpredictable weather contributed to the need for reliable connectivity for monitoring equipment in addition to ensuring application and Wi-Fi availability.

Through Cisco, Meraki delivered an end-to-end solution that combined switches and sensors with a security-conscious SD-WAN that made it possible for the Marmot Library Network IT team to manage and monitor their infrastructure easily and seamlessly.

Industry: Government

SD-WAN solutions: Cisco Meraki with MX Security and SD-WAN Appliances


  • Visibility with full and seamless management of all locations without having to physically travel to and from each one
  • Increased productivity for IT team members
  • Peace of mind knowing priceless artifacts are secure and protected
Jillian Koskie
Jillian Koskie
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