StorageX Adds Multi-Protocol Namespace and Multi-Vendor NAS Management

Houston-based NuView, Inc. late last week announced version 3.0 of its StorageX(R) enterprise file management software solution. StorageX automates file storage management, reducing the cost and complexity of enterprise storage while increasing its availability. The 3.0 release builds on previous versions of StorageX to enhance global namespace creation and management, add multi-vendor NAS management, and extend StorageX benefits to UNIX clients who are accessing files on Network Appliance(TM) storage systems.

NuView founder and CEO Rahul Mehta said, “StorageX solves critical enterprise storage problems and can dramatically reduce storage TCO. Using StorageX to manage networked storage — whether it’s Windows DAS, NetApp storage systems or NAS from various vendors, or server-attached SAN — is one of the best things a company can do to effectively, efficiently manage its out-of-control storage growth, and achieve immediate, significant storage benefits.”

“Network Appliance’s customers today are benefiting significantly from Virtual File Manager (VFM), Network Appliance’s version of StorageX. VFM’s ability to simplify the management of file services in Windows environments dramatically lowers customers’ total cost of ownership,” said Suresh Vasudevan, senior director of software marketing at Network Appliance . “VFM 3.0 combined with Network Appliance’s unified storage solutions will now extend this benefit into multi-protocol and disaster recovery environments.”

Highlights of StorageX 3.0 include:

  • Global, Multi-Protocol Namespace — Storage namespace and file virtualization are key enablers of efficient distributed file management. StorageX 3.0 includes namespace creation and management enhancements that increase file storage scalability, availability and manageability. With this release, storage administrators can easily aggregate heterogeneous file storage and manage it as a single file system. In addition, StorageX enables creation of a common namespace for UNIX and Windows users, which allows companies with heterogeneous environments to provide a single logical view of files stored on NetApp filers to both Windows and UNIX users.
  • Multi-Vendor NAS Management — This new release of StorageX provides centralized management of multiple Network Appliance(TM) and Microsoft(R) SAK NAS devices, which greatly simplifies NAS management. Using StorageX, an administrator can configure, view and manage multiple NAS devices from a single console, and generate detailed, consolidated reports of all activities on those devices.
  • Enhanced Business Continuity — While many disaster recovery solutions protect data, StorageX is unique in that it protects user access to data during disaster events. This release provides automatic, transparent failover between heterogeneous storage devices — even if they are in different locations — which provides continuous client access to files during disaster events and enables rapid disaster recovery.
  • Intelligent, Heterogeneous Data Movement — StorageX performs seamless file replication and data migration between heterogeneous storage devices and across storage architectures in a LAN or WAN. StorageX 3.0 simplifies and automates data movement throughout the enterprise by providing greater control in setting up and managing replication jobs, and offering automated server, share, and folder migration policies. Intelligent data movement ensures that file security is retained as data is moved, and servers, shares, or folders can be easily and securely migrated between heterogeneous storage devices. StorageX intelligent data movement, when used with a global namespace, can dramatically simplify server/storage consolidation in Windows environments.
  • Policy-Based Storage Management — StorageX enables creation of policies that automate routine administrative tasks and eliminates the need for complex scripting and enables rapid, intelligent management of unplanned events. StorageX can be used to automate replication, data migration, disaster recovery, and namespace management, all of which simplify file management and reduce operational costs.

Pricing for StorageX 3.0 starts at $2,000 per managed server, and free 30-day trial evaluations are also available.

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