Fujitsu Goes Virtual

Fujitsu Computer Systems continues to shore up its portfolio with technology from other vendors. The company today contracted to sell storage products using technology from Brocade Communications Systems and Engenio.

The Fujitsu business unit will begin selling Eternus VS900, a high-end storage virtualization software tool powered by Brocade’s SilkWorm Fabric Application Platform, to replicate and store data from different subsystems into one pool.

Brocade SilkWorm Fabric AP is a switch created for hosting fabric applications. The hardware is designed to centralize data management, movement and administration.

Fujitsu will use AP with Eternus to ease data management, a key chore for most data-intensive corporations at a time when government regulations demand sound records retention.

Fujitsu said in a statement it likes the out-of-band architecture in the Brocade switch because it makes it possible for the Eternus VS900 to scale reliably in computer environments where change is a constant. This also preserves the native performance and software functionality that comes with the virtualization of physical devices.

The management software in Eternus also enables online data migration to new disk arrays and supports disk expansion to meet storage capacity shortages without changing server settings.

The Eternus VS900 storage virtualization solution will be available in the U.S. Dec. 1.

With its Dynamic Data Center model and Triole software, Fujitsu Computer Systems is in the middle of building out an on-demand computing strategy that involves both servers and management software it developed in-house, as well as systems and software from various vendors.

On-demand or utility computing, in which computing tasks may be provisioned on-the-fly by customers at the touch of a button, is being implemented across the Tokyo-based company’s different divisions.

The agreement with Brocade fills a storage virtualization hole for Fujitsu, which has been working to get its on-demand computing up to speed with similar plays by competitors such as IBM, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard.

Just last month, Fujitsu Siemens Computers inked a $300 million reseller deal with server virtualization software maker Egenera to improve its corporate computing offerings in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

In related news today, Fujitsu Computer Systems’ parent company Fujitsu Ltd. agreed to sell storage systems based on the Engenio 2882 controller technology.

The Engenio 2882 midrange controller is a hardware device that supports applications such as file serving, Web serving and e-mail deployed on Microsoft Windows servers.

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Clint Boulton
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