Pure Storage Announces Pure Fusion and Portworx Data Services

Pure Storage has announced two new services: Pure Fusion and Portworx Data Services. Pure Fusion is an infrastructure automation platform that simplifies the cloud operating model, making all Pure assets available through a hybrid-cloud-like infrastructure. 

“Customers want a new agile storage experience that is fully automated, self-service, and pay-as-you-go,” says Ajay Singh, Chief Product Officer at Pure Storage. “Fusion breaks down the traditional barriers of enterprise storage to deliver true storage-as-code and much faster time to innovation.” 

Because Pure Fusion is a storage-as-code platform, storage administrators can provision API frameworks quickly and efficiently to use code the way they want. Admins define storage classes, and the storage system utilizes new resources and adjusts storage classes through automation. Storage-as-code sits in a Git repository, available for storage admins. Pure Fusion is an infrastructure layer intended to make storage complexity disappear. 

Pure Fusion characteristics.

Portworx Data Services builds on top of the thousands of nodes already in production on Portworx, the Kubernetes storage management company that Pure Storage acquired in 2020. Portworx Data Services automates Database-as-a-Service management, allowing storage admins to regain control of databases and AI services. The services run on Kubernetes.

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“As the market leader in data management for Kubernetes, we’ve built a foundation for our customers to deploy stateful applications on Kubernetes with confidence and ease. Portworx Data Services is the next leap forward in this journey,” says Murli Thirumale, the VP and GM, of the Cloud Native Business Unit at Pure Storage. “Now we don’t just give IT teams the tools needed to run data services in production, we are providing an as-a-service experience for the data services themselves so our customers can focus on innovation, not operations.” 

Portworx Data Services is a solution for Portworx enterprise and works across anybody’s infrastructure, anybody’s cloud, and anybody’s Kubernetes, according to Singh. It offers one-click deployment of production-grade, managed data services.

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Jenna Phipps
Jenna Phipps
Jenna Phipps is a contributor for Enterprise Mobile Today, Webopedia.com, and Enterprise Storage Forum. She writes about information technology security, networking, and data storage. Jenna lives in Nashville, TN.

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