Top 10 Data Storage Companies in 2023

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Enterprises need sophisticated storage solutions more than ever—not just to house the massive volumes of data they’re collecting and retaining, but to ensure that it is organized and secure, with reliable backup and disaster recovery protocols keeping it safe. It’s also important that these storage systems remain compliant with prevailing legal and regulatory standards. As demand has grown, so have the options from vendors looking to meet the need—to help you decide which is right for your business, here are our picks for the top 10 data storage companies and their solutions.

  1. Dell Technologies: Best for Intelligent Storage
  2. IBM: Best for Hybrid Storage Solutions
  3. NetApp: Best for Flash Storage
  4. AWS: Best for Multi-Availability Storage
  5. Dropbox: Best for Secured Storage
  6. Google: Best for Economic Storage
  7. pCloud: Best for Encrypted Cloud Storage
  8. Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Best for Converged Storage
  9. Huawei: Best for Data Storage Consolidation
  10. Pure Storage: Best for high-speed Data Storage
Dell icon.

Dell Technologies

Best for Intelligent Storage

Dell has a broad data storage portfolio with products for primary storage, unstructured data storage, storage management, and add-ons. The company also offers modern solutions designed for specific workloads and industries.

Its top primary storage products include PowerStore, PowerMax, PowerVault, Unity XT, and VMAX. For unstructured data storage, Dell’s portfolio includes ECS, PowerScale, and ObjectScale. Other data storage solutions include CloudIQ, DataIQ, PowerPath, and AppSync.


Contact Dell’s sales support for pricing details.

Key Distinct Features

  • Powerful architecture
  • Advanced deduplication for reduced storage requirements
  • Innovative software platform for data ingestion
  • On-premises monitoring and reporting options
  • Intelligent and adaptable infrastructure
IBM icon.


Best for Hybrid Storage Solutions

IBM offers diverse storage solutions for secure and easy data access. IBM Storage can be efficiently integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for improved business outcomes. The company also offers hybrid cloud storage for application modernization and faster innovation.

Software solutions such as IBM Storage Fusion, IBM Storage Protect for Cloud, IBM Storage Scale, IBM Storage Defender, and IBM Storage Insights can efficiently automate IT processes and manage information for data-intensive workloads.

Storage hardware solutions include IBM Storage Fusion HCI System, FlashSystem, Scale System, IBM Storage DS8K, IBM Storage Tape, and IBM Storage Networking. These cutting-edge hardware innovations can address the long-term storage needs of performance-intensive business applications.


Contact IBM Storage sales support for pricing details.

Key Distinct Features

  • Comprehensive approach to hybrid cloud
  • Container-native storage and data orchestration
  • Flexible backup and granular restore
  • Unified data access
  • AIOps integration for faster issue resolution
NetApp icon.


Best for Flash Storage

NetApp offers a suite of products and solutions for seamless storage and effortless data management. Its unparalleled ransomware protection can protect business-critical operations and does not compromise security.

NetApp offers all-flash, hybrid-flash, and object storage systems with industry-leading availability and superior performance. It can extend the business storage system’s current capabilities significantly. NetApp’s top data storage solutions are the AFF A-Series, AFF C-series, ASA series, EF series, FAS series, and Storage Grid.


NetApp offers a Test-Drive option to let businesses evaluate their products, as well as free trials. For details, connect with the sales team.

Key Distinct Features

  • Dynamic service delivery and frictionless data movement
  • Consistent environment with centralized management
  • Unified control panel for granular visibility
  • Data tiring for better infrastructure management
  • Cloud bursting for dynamic workload flexibility and data processing
Amazon Web Services icon.


Best for Multi-Availability Storage

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has a massive range of data storage solutions, including the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Elastic File System (EFS), AWS Snow Family, AWS Storage gateway, and more.

Businesses can also choose from the wide AWS Storage portfolio based on their specific needs like Applications Migrations, Building Data Lakes, Modernized Application Development, Hybrid Cloud Storage and Edge Computing, and more.


AWS offers a free tier for some data storage solutions. Use the AWS Pricing Calculator for detailed pricing on specific products.

Key Distinct Features

  • Deep data storage, access, protection, and analysis functionality
  • Reduced over-provisioning
  • Minimized total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Unmatched security and Availability Zone Resilience
  • Easy data transfer with AWS DataSync
Dropbox icon.

Dropbox Inc.

Best for Secured Storage

Dropbox Inc. designs products specifically for efficient data storage and management. Its main product, Dropbox, allows file storage, sharing, and access to different devices. Other solutions include Backup, Sign, DocSend, Capture, Replay, and Advance access.


Dropbox plans are customizable; for Enterprise plan pricing, contact the sales team.

Key Distinct Features

  • Best-in-class security features for data protection
  • Easy-to-use solutions
  • Streamlined document workflows
  • Legally binding signatures option
  • Real-time control and insights for tracking important files
  • Automatic backup for quick recovery
Google icon.


Best for Economic Storage

Google Drive is one of the most popular data storage solutions, offering flexible storage options with different plans suited for businesses of all scales. Google Drive makes migrating from existing storage solutions a straightforward process.


Contact Google’s sales team for detailed enterprise pricing information.

Key Distinct Features

  • Centralized administration
  • Integration with Google Vault for data retention and retrieval
  • Real-time prediction with Google AI
  • Machine learning-based search enhancements
  • Secure and easy-to-manage shared spaces
pCloud icon.


Best for Encrypted Cloud Storage

pCloud offers enterprise-grade solutions designed with cutting-edge features for secure and synchronized data storage. It comes with easy-to-use tools that help control and optimize business workflows.


pCloud offers a 30-day free trial. The subscription plan for 6TB account storage costs $59.94 per month. Contact sales for more details.

Key Distinct Features

  • Unlimited data capabilities with no constraints on file size, upload, or download speed
  • File synchronization with pCloud drive
  • Block-level sync for faster updates
  • TLS/SSL encryption for data safety
  • Client-side encryption for essential files

Learn more about enterprise cloud storage and what it costs in our guide to cloud storage pricing in 2023.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise icon.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Best for Converged Storage

HPE Storage solutions are flexible and intuitive and can significantly empower business workflows. Its top-featured storage product, HPE Greenlake, meets file storage, block storage, private cloud management, disaster recovery, and other storage needs.

Other HPE storage solutions include Alletra dHCI, Alletra 4000, SimpliVity, InfoSight, StoreOnce, and StoreEver Tape.


HPE offers a test drive for storage solutions—contact the sales team for more details.

Key Distinct Features

  • Intuitive cloud experience for data-intensive apps
  • Simplified hybrid cloud protection and VM mobility
  • Slashed downtime risk
  • Enterprise-grade scale-out file storage
  • Industry-leading backup, recovery, and ransomware protection
Huawei icon.


Best for Data Storage Consolidation

Huawei offers OceanStor Data Storage for a trustworthy, data-centric storage foundation. It is purpose-built for the digital world and can cater to organizations of all sizes. Other enterprise solutions include OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage, Hybrid Flash Storage, Huawei Computational StorageSmart Disk Enclosure, Scale-Out Storage, Data Protection, and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.


Contact sales for pricing details.

Key Distinct Features

  • Switchless architecture with an innovative approach
  • Efficient processing of diverse data
  • All-scenario data protection
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) for data storage, virtualization, and management
  • Data Center Storage Consolidation Tool Suite for quick consolidation
Pure Storage icon.

Pure Storage Inc.

Best for High-Speed Data Storage

Pure Storage offers an array of solutions like Pure Fusion, Portworx, Pure Cloud Block Store, and Pure FlashRecover. FlashArray helps businesses with unified block and file storage. Similarly, FlashBlade takes care of the unstructured data storage needs. For flexible, non-disruptive storage, there are subscriptions for Evergreen One, Flex, and Forever plans.


Pure Storage products and pricing vary by region. Contact sales for accurate pricing information.

Key Distinct Features

  • Innovative and uncomplicated data storage solutions
  • Up to 85 percent less energy use
  • Simplified log management
  • Integrated with the most modern data protection solutions
  • Effortless operations with a simple setup

Bottom Line: Top Data Storage Solutions

Data storage is an essential component of any modern business infrastructure. Given the vast array of solutions available, choosing the right one can be challenging. No single solution can universally cater to all your organizational requirements—instead, identify your primary needs and look for the solution that best meets them.

Learn more about the types of solutions enterprises use and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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