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Company description: HYCU provides monitoring and data protection solutions for Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructures. The company works closely with technology partners who develop hardware and software for the Nutanix environment, including Microsoft, ExaGrid, Google Cloud, F5 and Citrix.

Product description: HYCU (pronounced “haiku”) is purpose-built data protection for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. HYCU is application-aware and intelligent, and runs as virtual backup appliances on Nutanix clusters. IT administrators create and upload HYCU virtual appliance images to Nutanix clusters for high-speed backup and use the Nutanix Prism console to manage HYCU.

HYCU automates application awareness so admins can identify VMs running applications. For instance, HYCU can identify VMs running SQL Server and backup those databases. It can also restore individual databases to a point in time by rolling the SQL logs forward. HYCU also creates application-specific recovery workflows so admins can backup applications with a single click. An automated self-service portal enables business users to easily manage their own data.

Insight and Analysis: HYCU isn’t the only data protection product available for Nutanix. Nutanix itself offers native data protection for its Acropolis hypervisor, and Veeam and Commvault offer products for the Nutanix environment.

However, HYCU is hypervisor-agnostic and offers broad data protection for all Nutanix workloads, and simplifies data protection management by integrating with the Nutanix Prism console. And Comtrade works closely with vendors who develop for the Nutanix platform, so HYCU never falls behind technology advances.

Buyers should be aware that all this data protection power needs an equally powerful secondary backup system. HYCU works closely with ExaGrid to provide an extended backup offering for HYCU and the Nutanix environment. ExaGrid complements HYCU with fast backup processing and does fast restore and VM boots with no data rehydration. And ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture complements Nutanix’s broad scalability.

“Many IT administrators are looking for their data protection solutions to play a critical role not just for traditional platform owners – namely database and virtual server admins – but for the emerging new cloud admin role to keep their respective workloads up and running,” said George Crump, lead analyst, Storage Switzerland. “While the data protection market continues to mature, solutions like HYCU that are purpose-built for Nutanix platform users are well-suited to drive value as the role of the traditional backup administrator evolves and the cloud and virtual admin continues to gain prominence. For organizations looking at data protection solutions for Nutanix, they should seriously consider HYCU.”

Key Features:

  • HYCU can backup and recover any virtual machine regardless of the VM’s operating system.
  • Works on both Windows and Linux-based VMs.
  • Discovers Active Directory, SQL Server and Exchange Server applications.
  • HYCU users can backup to another Nutanix cluster, NAS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Cloudian, Scality or any S3-compliant storage.
  • Ease of use with single-click backups, self-service portal and application-aware workflow recovery, and full integration with Nutanix Prism.
  • Actively works with Nutanix hardware and software technology partners to expand data protection functionality
  • Policy-driven, flexible and granular backup and restore.


HYCU in the Nutanix environment. 

Implementation: Once the backup infrastructure is in place, admins can quickly create HYCU virtual appliances and upload them to clusters. Integration with Nutanix Prism further simplifies the process. Admins can launch backup and restore processes with a single click.

Delivery: Software

Agents: None

Pricing: HYCU is generally available worldwide. List pricing starts at $1,500/socket.

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