Ontrack Data Recovery: Features & Price

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Bottom Line:

Ontrack is one of the three top tier providers in terms of its data recovery lab capabilities, along with DriveSavers and Gillware. It claims it can recover data from virtually any type of data storage device, from HDD on upward in complexity. Its reputation is as a top tier recovery expert – with top tier prices. It also offers on-site recovery, which tends to be a “deluxe” option for clients that aren’t as budget sensitive.

Backed up by a suite of proprietary recovery tools and an experienced data recovery team, it is one of the few places users can go to resolve extreme data loss scenarios. However, users will pay more for this level of expertise. So if the data is not mission-critical, or if your drive is a “home office” unit, then other options should be considered.


Ontrack’s data recovery service deals with all types of data loss situations. From accidental deletion, media corruption, fire and water damage, dropped media, In-Lab Services data recovery is performed by security-cleared Ontrack Data Recovery engineers. This service is designed for storage media and platforms that have suffered from both physical hardware and logical software failures. The company recently opened clean rooms dedicated to mobile recovery.

Media and devices can be sent to the lab either Standard (7-10 business days), priority (2 – 5 days), or emergency (12-24 hours). If preferred, On-Site Services Data Recovery can be performed at your location by Ontrack Data Recovery engineers for the most critical and sensitive logical data loss situations.

Ontrack also offers Remote Data Recovery (RDR) Services: performed remotely through an internet connection. This service performs lab-quality recovery right on your server, laptop or desktop, bringing the data back online in a fraction of the time it takes to restore from a backup. RDR Services are available when the hardware is functioning normally and a secure connection can be made to a system.

Its Custom Solutions Data recovery is for proprietary and/or highly complex systems. The Ontrack R&D team works with IT staff to create customized recovery tools to extract lost data.

Ontrack offers do-it-yourself data recovery software to recover files instantly on devices ranging from SSDs to RAID volumes (Windows and Mac). There are three versions: Ontrack EasyRecovery Free, Ontrack EasyRecovery Home, Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional, and Ontrack EasyRecovery Technician. I

It also offers an iPhone Recovery Software and Ontrack EasyRecovery Photo. This is DIY photo recovery software that recovers lost media files due to deletion, corruption, or accidental formatting. It works will all major cameras, drones, PCs, memory cards, and USB flash drives.

“I was recommended Ontrack by Apple; my computer had water on it and was completely broken, I had to rescue what data I could. Ontrack provided a great service and I got almost 100% of my data back,” said a home user.

What’s Recovered:

Any physical media (HDD, SSD, smart phone, RAID). as well as logical data loss or deleted files.

How Implemented:

  • The customer’s media is collected free of charge and brought back to the Ontrack lab in Epsom, UK.
  • The media is evaluated for free to estimate the volume of recoverable data and a quote is sent. A file recovery report can be provided for a charge.
  • Data recovery engineers start the recovery process.
  • The data is sent back to the customer on an encrypted drive or via the cloud.

Lab Locations:

Epsom, UK

Core Markets:

OEMs, enterprises, SMB, consumers.

“Within a few more days we received an external hard drive containing all the recovered data. As an alternative we could have received the data on a set of several DVDs, but we opted for the more convenient external drive. All the files recovered were accessible. The total cost of this service was $1,500.”


Pricing dependent on recovery complexity and time spent. It averages around $1,000. Ontrack EasyRecovery software ranges from $100 to $600 dependent on the version. A free version is available for recoveries up to 1 GB.

Clean room ISO 5 Class 100
Media HDD, SSD, smart phone, RAID
Lab location UK
Core markets OEMs, enterprises, SMB, consumers.
Pricing Around $1,000
Key Differentiator A market leader, handles tough jobs
Drew Robb
Drew Robb
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