Secure Data Recovery Services: Features & Pricing

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Bottom Line:

Secure Data Recovery Services should always be considered when it comes to HDD or SDD recovery. It can handle the toughest, most demanding drive crashes. It has excellent customer reviews, has an ISO 4 Class 10 cleanroom, and adheres to security protocols. Some users comment on the pricey nature of its services, so it may be wise to check less expensive options first if damage is not severe.

For business customers with a budget – and that’s Secure Data’s audience – the company does on-site repairs, which can make the difference for a busy enterprise IT environment.

If you truly need to recover your data, Secure Data is a top option.


Secure Data features top security certifications and is very well equipped in its labs. It offers a fast evaluation process, as well as priority and emergency service offerings for hard drive repair and recovery. All types of hard drive failure including read/write head crashes, electronic damage and more are the bread and butter of this company. But it also includes SSD, tape, and flash memory recovery. 

It has cultivated partnerships with WD, Seagate, Toshiba and Samsung. As a result, its services never void active product warranties. Additional services include digital forensics, remote diagnostics and repair, emergency repairs, and on-site recovery. File repair and data recovery software can also be purchased. Standard turnaround is 4-9 business days. But you can pay more for expedited service (2-4 days), as well as a 24/7 emergency service (less than 48 hours).

What’s Recovered:

HDD, SSD, tape, RAID, flash memory.

How Implemented:

An online form is used to arrange recovery. The company offers a free evaluation. Engineers test the drive and then a price quote is provided along with a turnaround estimate and a list of recoverable files.

Lab Locations:

Los Angeles lab with customers from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, and Australia.

“Secure Data did a fine job of recovering data on a hard drive that fell on the floor,” said a home user.

Core Markets:

Hard drive recovery is its core service for home users all the way up to enterprise providers, but it can get results on any media.

“I had a damaged cell phone that our local repair/recover shop couldn’t do anything with. Their prices are steep but it’s to be expected for the process they go through to recover the data. They were able to recover everything,” said a home user.


Starting at around $1,000 for recovery of damaged hard drives, but prices rise based on the complexity of repair and amount of data recovered.

Secure Data
Clean room ISO 4 Class 10
Media HDD, SSD, tape, RAID, flash
Lab location LA
Core markets HDD recovery for consumer and business
Pricing Starting at $1,000
Key Differentiator Handles the toughest jobs
Drew Robb
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