How Endpoint Protection is Used by Finastra, Motortech, Bladex, Spicerhaart, and Connecticut Water: Case Studies

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Endpoint protection is a type of cybersecurity practice and software solution that focuses on guarding the entry points of networks. This keeps them safe from malware and malicious individuals.

With more companies working through networks — internally, connecting multiple branches or accommodating remote workers — endpoint protection solutions are critical.

See below to learn how various organizations use endpoint protection to secure their networks:

1. Bladex

Bladex is a multinational bank established by numerous central banks of Latin American countries to promote foreign trade in the region. Based in Panama and with just under 200 employees in 26 locations, Bladex is essential to the region’s economy.

To adapt to a growing digital environment, Bladex required protection from zero-day attacks and a myriad of other sophisticated threats. It also needed to secure remote workers and employees in separate branches, which it was able to achieve by working with CrowdStrike.

“Replacing legacy products with the Falcon cloud-native solution has accelerated Bladex’s digital transformation, reduced infrastructure costs, and improved the bank’s security to meet strict regulations,” says Juan Jose Chang, CISO at Bladex.

Industry: Finance and banking

Endpoint protection solutions: Falcon Device Control – Endpoint Device Control, Falcon Insight EDR, Falcon Mobile – Endpoint Detection and Response, and Falcon X – Automated Threat Intelligence


  • Secured over 350 endpoints
  • Reduced security infrastructure costs by 50%
  • Decreased average monthly help desk requests from 25 to 0
  • Accelerated business-building projects

Read the full Bladex and CrowdStrike case study.

2. Finastra

Finastra is one of world’s largest financial technology providers for businesses. Formed in 2017 in London and employing over 10,000 employees, Finastra builds and implements cloud-based solutions for the financial sector globally.

But without a coherent security strategy, under-protected endpoints, and a company culture that doesn’t prioritize information and data security, Finastra needed to build its security infrastructure from scratch into its cloud environment.

Working with Symantec, Finastra was able to secure its endpoints and internal digital assets and create a sustainable security strategy well into the future.

“Symantec’s integrated Cyber Defense Platform is a great choice. Moving to an integrated platform takes the long view. Getting the foundations right, across such a vast organization, is obviously the first priority,” says Scott Barronton, CISO at Finastra.

“We don’t have to be the ones to experience it in order to stop it. Symantec is already seeing it and pushing that information into the products so we’re protected.”

Industry: Finance

Endpoint protection solutions: Symantec Endpoint Protection, Symantec Endpoint Encryption, Symantec Advanced Threat Protection, and Symantec Email


  • Robust compliance with regulatory remands
  • Efficient management of 12,000 endpoints in distributed locations
  • Integrated cyber defense platform
  • Cost-effective with security vendor consolidation

Read the full Finastra and Symantec case study.

3. Spicerhaart Group Services

Spicerhaart Group Services is a U.K.-based real estate organization with more than 200 branches in Wales and England. With over 2,000 employees, Spicerhaart has its own dedicated contact center, offering customers everything from home sales and purchases to rentals, leasing, and mortgages.

Instead of updating their legacy solutions, the IT team at Spicerhaart opted to acquire external endpoint protection and firewall solutions. Sophos’ cost-neutral option and portfolio of security tools and services made it the perfect choice for Spicerhaart.

“Sophos Intercept X is our insurance policy against future attacks. The root-cause analysis feature provides us with a clear graphical representation of where attacks start and where they spread,” says Andrew Chaplin, IT infrastructure manager at Spicerhaart Group Services.

“We feel so much more comfortable now that we have it in our security toolbox.”

Industry: Real estate

Endpoint protection solutions: Sophos Central Endpoint Protection Advanced, Sophos Intercept X, Sophos Access Points, Sophos XG Firewall 550, and Sophos Access Points


  • Easy configuration and policy setting
  • Integrated protection against advanced and zero-day threats
  • Automated incident response
  • Built-in, real-time insights and control

Read the full Spicerhaart Group Services and Sophos case study.

4. Motortech

Motortech is a leading manufacturer of automobile components and accessories internationally. With more than 250 employees worldwide, Motortech is known for its efficient supply system, providing quality service to its customers from all over the world.

Keeping a close eye on the cybersecurity landscape, Motortech was concerned for the safety of its data, especially with cyber threats increasing in number and capability. With a history of working with Check Point to counter cyber threats, they also offered the perfect solutions for securing Motortech’s endpoints.

“Check Point Quantum affords us an incredible security advantage, as we are able to tighten some parameters while relaxing others,” says Marcus Morig, head of IT at Motortech.

“Check Point Harmony Endpoint ensures the prevention of known and unknown imminent threats with complete protection across all endpoints.”

Industry: Oil and gas

Endpoint protection solutions: Check Point Quantum, Security Gateway, and Check Point Harmony Endpoint 


  • Protecting data from encryption, deletion, and compression
  • Full visibility and coverage into the network’s endpoints
  • Significantly reducing the workload

Read the full MOTOTECH and Check Point case study.

5. Connecticut Water

Connecticut Water is a utility company that provides water to more than 360,000 people in 59 communities in Connecticut and Maine. With a big portion of its workload digitized, Connecticut Water has a 500-endpoint network that sustains work operations.

With a small security team, Connecticut Water requires an easy-to-implement and efficient solution to protect its endpoints both in the corporate network and the industrial control environments. With a much on the line, it needed reliable network protection and threat detection.

“We had zero visibility into any attacks from how they began to how they ended. We didn’t have a forensics program in the endpoint space,” says Will Perez, cybersecurity lead at Connecticut Water.

“If you want an EDR product that lets you respond to threats without getting frustrated over how to use it, go with Cybereason. With Cybereason, you’ve found your issue in 30 minutes as opposed to two hours.”

Industry: Public utilities

Endpoint protection solutions: Cybereason Next-Gen Endpoint Detection and Response Platform


  • Increased endpoint visibility
  • Efficient threat hunting automation
  • Advanced threat detection with behavioral analysis
  • Faster remediation time

Read the full Connecticut Water and Cybereason case study.

6. Lasselsberger Group

Lasselsberger Group is a family-owned producer of raw materials, building materials, and ceramic tiles. Headquartered in Austria, Lasselsberger has production sites in central and eastern Europe, where it supplies for local and international markets.

Lasselsberger’s security infrastructure struggled from a high number of false positives and an outdated, signature-based legacy antivirus product. Looking to transition from no-cloud to a comprehensive cloud-first approach, it needed company-wide protection from ransomware and rapid blind spot detection.

“In our opinion, CrowdStrike has the best support we have ever had with any product. We had that feeling from the very beginning,” says René Hochberger.

“Even during the consultation and product demonstration, all our questions were answered down to the last detail,” adds Hochberger.

Industry: Manufacturing

Endpoint protection solutions: Falcon Insights (EDR), Falcon OverWatch – Management Threat Hunting, and Falcon Prevent – Next-generation Antivirus


  • 2,500 endpoint protected
  • Reducing administrative efforts from one day per week to one hour per week
  • Improved detection of previously-unknown vulnerabilities
  • Higher rate of detected behavior-based threats

Read the full Lasselsberger Group and CrowdStrike case study.

Anina Ot
Anina Ot
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