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Artificial Intelligence and Data Storage

Enterprise SSDs and Storage Design

Enterprise SSDs give us lots of freedom in storage design, but is this a blessing or a curse?

Have Hard Drives Jumped the Shark?

Spinning disk media will be around for a while longer, but it looks like their days are numbered.

Object Storage vs. POSIX Storage: Something in the Middle, Please

In this corner, object storage. In this corner, POSIX storage. Why can't they meet in the middle?

Flash is the New Flash

Flash technology as it exists has some limitations, yet the cost per gigabyte continues to improve. How is this possible?

Shingled Drives for Re-Roofing Your Storage?

In an effort to increase drive capacity, manufacturers have created a new type of hard drive called a Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR).


The SAS vs. SATA debate is often framed as the “price favorite” vs. the “enterprise favorite.” Here’s an in in-depth look at the issue.

Shared Storage in the Cloud

While the technology is still in its infancy, there are several options for creating shared storage in the cloud for HPC workloads.

IO Patterns—What you don't know can hurt you

Understanding the IO patterns of your applications is good for end users and good for vendors.

The Metadata Storage Problem

The Top of the Big Data Stack: Hadoop, MapReduce, and Analytics

This final look at the top of the stack discusses the role of Hadoop in Big Data and how this all ties into analytical tools Mapreduce and R.

The Top of the Big Data Stack: Database Applications

There are eight types of database applications for Big Data. Learn what they are and what they mean for data storage.

The Top of the Big Data Stack: Applications Classification and Data Storage

Big Data is everywhere, but what really is it? We define it and discuss how to get 'data' into 'Big Data.'

Linux File System -- Analyzing the Fsck Test Results

The results of our Linux fsck testing were posted last month. Now it's time to address the big questions that remain: What do the results tell us, what do they mean, and is the performance expected?

Linux File System Fsck Testing -- The Results Are In

Our Linux file system Fsck testing is finally complete. Just how bad is the Linux file system scaling problem?

The Future of Storage: Devices and Tiering Software

The only constant about storage technology is the fact that it is constantly changing. But where is it headed? Storage devices and tiering software are two areas ripe for speculation.

Test Plan for Linux File System Fsck Testing

Our examination of the ever-growing Linux file system scaling problem continues. In part 2 of our State of File Systems Technology series, Jeff Layton describes the approach and specs to be used in running  the fsck wall clock time  benchmark/test.

Real-Time Data Compression's Impact on SSD Throughput Capability

SandForce controllers are found in a wide range of SSDs. The most interesting and unique feature of SandForce SSD controllers is that they use real-time data compression to improve performance and SSD longevity. The impact, however, depends on the compressibility of the data.

Data is Becoming Colder

Do you have data that you haven't touched in a long time? Some fairly recent studies have shown that data is getting colder.

Fixing SSD Performance Degradation, Part 2

In part two of his look at solid state disk performance degradation, Jeff Layton puts an enterprise SSD through its paces to understand its performance characteristics before, during and after heavy use.

Fixing SSD Performance Degradation, Part 1

In part one of this two-part look at SSDs, Jeff Layton examines why SSD performance degrades over time and offers some potential solutions to the problem.

Floating Gate Transistor: Why Flash Drive Density Will Stop Growing Next Year

Solid state disk (SSD) development could easily stagnate at the 20-25nm mark without changes to today’s materials and techniques for storing and retrieving data.

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