Company Profile : Storage Computer Corporation -

Company Profile : Storage Computer Corporation

According to analysts at the Gartner Group governments, military institutions, private-sector businesses, and public-sector organizations will use 2002 to assess and guard against risks in security, privacy and safety. However, the independent research firm also warns that companies across the globe should 'be wary" as beneath the "busy-ness" surrounding security, privacy, and business continuity will be deep-seated concerns for personal safety and well-being. Those concerns will drive many people to reduce business travel and to increase their demand for remote-work options. Analysts at Garter Group say that businesses must respond with a robust infrastructure for communication, collaboration, and information sharing.

Networking paradigms rising to meet the challenge
One of the major issues surrounding security and information sharing is network storage. And, one of the major companies addressing this issue is Storage Computer Corporation, Nashua, NH. The company, according to Todd Viegut, Storage Computer's vice president of marketing, believes that as demand for data availability grows in conjunction with the spread of enterprise, adoption for storage wide-area networking paradigms will rise to meet the challenge.

Powering business applications with software-driven, multi-host storage solutions
The company specializes in developing and manufacturing software-driven, multi-host storage solutions for powering business applications. "Our customers, and the market in general, are clamoring for storage solutions that truly meet the demands of an extended enterprise," says Viegut. For over 10 years, Storage Computer has been providing more than 2,500 of the largest companies in the world with some of the most innovative storage solutions available. "We provide our customers with unparalleled data protection, retrieval and availability which has driven companies to seek out our solutions for the safeguard of their mission critical data," continued Viegut.

2002 to bring disruption in the storage market
According to Boston's Yankee Group, the year 2002 will be one of disruption in the storage market and will herald the next generation of storage systems. The Yankee Group says that Storage Computer is a market innovator in Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) markets and is offering new technology that fully embraces SAN, NAS, Direct Attached Storage (DAS), and metro SAN/Wide Area Networks (WAN) environments. .

The next generation of storage systems
One of Storage Computer's most innovative products, according to Viegut, is the CyberNAS 4000. The CyberNAS 4000 is a high performance, multi-interfaced Network Attached Storage (NAS) system that can deploy up to 43 terabytes (TB) of storage from a single system and is capable of Gigabit Ethernet and direct OC-48c Packet over SONET (2,500 megabits/second) optical connectivity to metropolitan and wide area networks. "In addition, our CyberBorg architecture offers a key advantage of providing concurrent, simultaneous support of open network and storage standards - Fibre Channel, SCSI, iSCSI, and IP over Fibre - the most versatile collection of I/O interfaces for a single array," says Viegut.

Enterprises are looking for new solutions in network storage
According to Viegut as the network storage market evolves, enterprises are looking for technologies that effectively marry the speed and performance associated with DAS, and the management simplicity as well as the ability to share data repositories among multiple host platforms found in NAS deployments. Viegut says that a Storage Wide Area Networking (SWAN) deployment is the natural evolution and convergence of the industry's accepted storage topologies including DAS, SAN, and NAS. "SANS have been seen as the potential answer, but expense and vendor interoperability issues have limited widespread SAN adoption," says Viegut. "However, a properly deployed SWAN offers ease of network facilitation and management, deployment of remote date archiving and replication, high-speed data access anytime, anywhere and a significantly lower total cost of ownership," he continued.

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