Enterprise Storage Snapshots - 3/5/04


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Enterprise Storage Snapshots offers a weekly wrap-up of what's going on in the storage industry.Here are our storage news highlights for the first week of March: Kasten Chase's Assurency CipherShare receives enhanced cryptography features, SANRAD boosts its V-Switch line of IP SAN solutions, StoneFly Networks starts shipping its Backup Advantage solution for SMBs, LEGATO releases a new version of its DistkXtender 2000 HSM software, a new High-Capacity DVD spec is approved, and Tacit Networks acquires AttachStor's patent and product portfolio.

Enhanced Cryptography Added to Kasten Chase's Assurency CipherShare 3.0

Kasten Chase this week released the latest edition of its Assurency CipherShare secure collaboration and file-sharing solution. The new edition, version 3.0, is billed by the Mississauga, Ontario-based company as offering enhanced cryptography and new management features.

Specifically, three major enhancements make their debut in v3.0: the Kasten Chase Cryptographic Engine (KCCE), which utilizes Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for all public/private key operations; a Policy Manager that provides Security Officers with a configuration utility to set key security parameters for an entire workgroup; and User Passphrase and Account Reset tools for recovering secure information in the event a user forgets their passphrase or leaves a working group.

Assurency CipherShare combines end-to-end security with sophisticated document management features, enabling organizations to establish secure, virtual workspaces across network and organizational boundaries to enhance workgroup productivity. Employing strong authentication, granular access control, and transparent data encryption, CipherShare protects collaborative information on servers, on desktops, on mobile computing platforms, and at all points in between, according to the company.

"Assurency CipherShare 3.0 helps organizations eliminate the business risk associated with sharing valuable or sensitive information in collaborative working relationships," says Michael Milligan, Chief Executive Officer of Kasten Chase. "The solution further reinforces our message to corporate executives that – as the perimeter of your enterprise continues to shift – you must protect the data first."

Assurency CipherShare is priced on a client/server basis, with server software licenses ranging from $6,425 (support for up to 500 client 'seats') to $19,275 (up to 1,500 seats). Assurency CipherShare Client Software licenses range from $2,150 for a 10 client seat bundle to $21,500 for a 100 seat bundle. Additional information on Assurency CipherShare is available from Kasten Chase's web site.


SANRAD Boosts V-Switch Line of IP SAN Solutions

SANRAD Incorporated has released version 2.0 of StoragePro Services for its V-Switch family of IP SAN solutions. New features in v2.0 include snapshot, DataCloning, FastCopy, and support for RADIUS authentication.

SANRAD V-Switch 3000

SANRAD V-Switch 3000

The new data duplication and protection features enable SANRAD customers to eliminate the backup window for production volumes with the new volume snapshot feature and accommodate for data growth with on-the-fly volume expansion. A new DataCloning feature enables customers to maintain up to four mirrored copies of any volume for data protection.

New security and discovery enhancements in version 2.0 include RADIUS support to authenticate a secure iSCSI connection, iSNS and SLP iSCSI client support to ensure iSCSI target discovery for continuous data access, and an enhanced Access Control List (ACL) to securely bind and set read/write policies for individual storage volumes to a single host or group of hosts.

"We're very pleased to be releasing this new version of StoragePro for our V-Switch product line," says SANRAD CEO, Shaul Gal-Oz. "We are once again delivering on our promise to provide enterprise SAN capabilities to the IP SAN market. These features are just a hint of what's coming down the road for our customers."

The StoragePro IP SAN management software is bundled with and runs inside every SANRAD V-Switch and requires no host agents or special licenses. [Additional Information]


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