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DataPeer, Inc., of Fort Lee, NJ is a managed data storage services company that specializes in delivering comprehensive, managed storage services using both established and emerging technologies. According to Alan Koifman, technical research leader at DataPeer, the company's managed services eliminate the costly investments of hardware and maintenance, thereby allowing its customers to efficiently utilize critical IT resources. "All of our services are offered over the secure, high performance DataPeer Network and are supported by a team of highly qualified technical personnel," says Koifman.

The best of the best
According to Alan Kuritsky, DataPeer's vice president of sales and marketing, the company's mission is to provide companies of all sizes the unparalleled combination of usable, functional, reliable, and valuable data storage services needed to survive. "We have gathered some of the finest IT and Storage experts in the industry to direct and carry out our mission," says Kuritsky. Presently, DataPeer includes a team of more than 60 Technical Research and Development professionals that Kuritsky says are dedicated to enhancing the company's current product offerings while developing new and innovative solutions.

Data: the lifeblood of businesses
As we all know, data is vital to the survival of every business. And, any loss or damage of a company's data can be crippling. DataPeer's Remote Replication product provides its clients with a real time copy of their data on a DataPeer SAN. Koifman says that in the event of a local storage subsystem failure, this synchronous replication solution provides immediate access to the remote data, eliminating costly downtime and data loss. It also, says Koifman, provides a guaranteed data availability starting at 99.9 percent. Although the benefits are many, according to Koifman, some of the major benefits include: remote real time copy of data; no down time in the event of local storage failure; instant synchronization of replaced local drives; reduced initial investment and ongoing operating costs; improved efficiency and allocation of IT resources; and an overall reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). "In addition to all of that, says Kuritsky, we have fully-redundant, world-class data centers with top of the line security systems." (The data centers were recently constructed in Fort Lee, NJ.) The company also built useable, user-friendly office space, which surrounds the data centers. "We feel that it has the right combination to stay in business in the event that one of our client's experiences a disaster," says Kuritsky.

Technology will fail
If there's one thing you can count on when it comes to technology, it's that it will eventually fail. All drives die, all motors stop, and all connections degrade. And, as businesses and data continue to grow, so do the demands on a company's storage infrastructure. Koifman says that DataPeer's DataPrime SAN services are a cost-effective storage utility service designed to meet the needs of growing businesses. "Our DataPrime SAN Services gives companies the enterprise-scale storage infrastructure and management services they need to expand their business without inflating their costs," says Koifman.

DataPeer offers both iSCSI and Fibre Channel-based SAN services and it utilizes such vendors as Hitachi, IBM, Cisco, and Brocade. By using industry-leading iSCSI breakthrough technology, says Koifman, DataPeer has added a new feature to DataPrime SAN which enables users to centrally access and manage their storage data remotely, over IP, any time, anywhere. Koifman says that the massive redundancy built into the DataPeer SAN prevents even the most inconsequential downtime. "It's Hi-Star fabric architecture provides 64 crossbar-switched, point-to-point internal paths connecting disks, cache, and server interface," says Koifman. In other words, explained Koifman, if one path is lost, the other 63 still remain and service continues uninterrupted, with no performance degradation.

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