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It supports the latest high-speed SAN storage protocols, including 8Gb FC and 10Gb iSCSI, and is said to achieve single-node backup speeds of 11.2 TB per hour per node, with deduplication speeds of up to 94.4 TB/hr. Poelker claims this is the fastest in the industry. Falconstor Optimized Backup and Deduplication 8.0 software sells for $ 24,161 inclusive of 12 TB’s of capacity and 3 years of maintenance and upgrades.

“Deduplication can be assigned to run inline (during backup), post-process (after backup), or concurrently (simultaneously with data ingest, after the first virtual tape is created),” said Poelker. “Deduplication can also be deactivated when it is not needed, for example when backing up images or media files.”

Looking ahead, FalconStor is soon to announce something which promises to bring together all of the elements of data management into a single, unified data management and services platform with a common user interface. 

“Unified solutions will include: migration, business continuity, protection and recovery, along with optimized backup and deduplication,” said Poelker.

Quantum Lattus Object Storage

The Lattus Object Storage appliance portfolio is for organizations that have at least 100TB of unstructured data. It sets up a cloud disk tier with embedded high-bandwidth network access. It incorporates 4 TB disk drives as part of an online disk archive that is said to improve cost per TB by 50% or more.

Lattus appliances hold almost 2 PB of raw capacity in a single rack. They can serve as primary storage (active archive) and concurrently protect the data against component failure (backup hardware and software) as well as site disaster (DR hardware and software). List price for the Lattus-D base 6-node system with 288 TB raw capacity is $200,000. List price for the 20-node Lattus-X base configuration with 960TB raw capacity is $625,000.

“The new Lattus offerings are for large capacity use cases such as video, geospatial and intelligence data,” said Mark Pastor, Archive Product Marketing Manager, Quantum. “The Lattus architecture eliminates a large part of near term investment for data protection as well as long term investment for data and storage longevity.”

EMC Data Domain DD2200

The EMC Data Domain DD2200 is a midmarket appliance that consolidates backup, deduplication, DR and archive data on a single system. The DR part comes via Data Domain Replicator software. In addition, the DD2200 supports integration with backup and enterprise applications via Boost software so backup can be centrally managed.

The DD2200 supports most backup and archive applications.  The Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture is also said to provide the industry’s best defense against data integrity issues by ensuring backup and archive data is recoverable and accessible throughout its life cycle on the system.  Pricing of the DD2200 starts at $20,000.

“Users need to move to a consolidated protection storage platform that is software agnostic and integrates with enterprise applications—avoiding the proliferation of ‘accidental architectures’ (i.e. unnecessary and costly data protection infrastructure silos),” said Caitlin Gordon, Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMC Data Protection and Availability Division.

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