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Prediction 2: PCIe 4.0 will be delayed again from the current date of late 2015 to some time even later. This will have a major impact on vendors that make peripherals and external connectivity such as NICs, HCAs and/or HBAs.

Prediction 3: The market for fibre channel and the percentage that fibre channel has for market share will continue its dramatic drop. The costs of SAS connectivity at 12 Gbit/sec and 40 GbE and FCoE will continue to reduce the marketshare held by fibre channel.

Prediction 4: Multiple vendors will be producing big data analysis appliances for a variety of applications specific requirements from point of sale to image change detection. 

Prediction 5: We have a few entries into the REST appliance market for data access and archive, but next year the market will grow dramatically with at least three new vendors and new technologies. 

Prediction 6: 2014 will finally be the year that someone does something about storage security and the management of who can access what, when.  Too many people have had access to information they should not have had access to, and this needs to be logged and prevented. 

Prediction 7: Enterprise tape will continue to far exceed the density of LTO. LTO density is seriously lagging and, if by 2015 this does not change, and IBM and Oracle continue on their enterprise tape density paths, this does not bode well for LTO.

Prediction 8: Parallel file systems will continue to take marketshare away from NAS appliance vendors because in large configuration they provide much more scalability.  What is lacking at this point are some of the enterprise features, such as snapshots and remote replication.  These features will be added and this will impact the upper end of the NAS market space.

Prediction 9: We will start to see the end of SATA usage in the enterprise and the industry will finally realize that SAS is an enterprise connectivity technology and SATA is not.  With 12 Gbit/sec SAS already arrived and 8 Gbit/sec SATA still in committee, this should be obvious but it clearly has not been.

Prediction 10: Last but certainly not least: all major vendors will be using declustered RAID by the end of 2014, given the size of disk drives expected to be available.

Have a happy, safe holiday season and a prosperous 2014!

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