Top 10 Data Recovery Certifications

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Data recovery is the process to restore lost or corrupted data due to a disaster, and companies must data recovery experts to recover their information.

Data recovery experts need extra training, such as certificates, to cover these skills. About 48% of IT professionals aim to grow their technical skills within their current area of specialization, and 45% of IT pros plan on learning a technical skill this year, according to Comptia.

One benefit of data recovery and IT certification is how IT professionals who are certified saw an average increase of $13,000 annually, according to SoftSkill Global Knowledge.

Here are the 10 top certifications an IT professional should consider to advance their career in data recovery:

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1. IACRB – Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP)

Skills Acquired: Working with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux to learn to use file format recognition tools, clear passwords on a password-protected drive and resolve kernel or driver issues with a Linux bootable disk.

Requirements: Knowledge of how to perform beginner-level recoveries of drives, understanding of the Windows operating system, and understanding of computer hardware

Duration: Training two days, exam one hour

Location: Classroom, online, and hybrid

Cost: Classroom $1,900, online $1,700, with classes the exam is free

2. Infosec The Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP)

Skills Acquired: How to use logical recovery for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, RAID arrays, exchange servers, and solid-state flash NAND drives

Requirements: Understanding of the Windows operating system, computer hardware, and how to perform beginner-level recoveries of drives

Duration: Five days

Location: Online

Cost: Cost varies, exam free with training

3. Hands-on Disaster Recovery on AWS Cloud

Skills Acquired: Learn hands-on disaster recovery architectures and their recovery characteristics; architectural principles to meet specific recovery time and recovery point objectives; the difference between continuous backup (point in time recovery) and scheduled backups; replication options to minimize data loss; and standby and active infrastructure to reduce downtime

Requirements: Intermediate course, an AWS account with administrative access to complete the labs, and need to be familiar with EC2, ELB, IAM, and databases

Duration: 2.5 hours

Location: Online

Cost: $84.99

4. Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery using RMAN

Skills Acquired: Ability to perform complete and incomplete, full and incremental, and whole and partial backups using RMAN; perform all common recovery scenarios; use RMAN with Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service; report and monitor RMAN backups and jobs; use RMAN backup advanced options; perform all supported cross-platform transportation techniques; perform all supported database duplication techniques; manage RMAN Recovery Catalog; produce encrypted backups; use RMAN in a multitenant environment; use RMAN in a RAC environment; handle corrupted blocks

Requirements: Familiarity with Oracle database administration and Linux operating system basics; PC with Windows 7, 8, or 10 64-bit, memory 16GB, HDD 280 GB, connection to the internet

Duration: 20-hour training

Location: Online

Cost: $29.99

5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP

Skills Acquired: Security and risk management; asset security; security engineering; communications and network security; identity and access management; security assessment and testing; security operations; software development security

Requirements: Knowledge of basic concepts about IT security and IT’s practices

Duration: 15.5 hours of content

Location: Online

Cost: $84.99

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6. Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) V4

Skills Acquired: Learn the latest processes and technologies that can help secure data in the cloud

Requirements: CompTIA A+ or equivalent knowledge

Duration: 4.5 hours of content

Location: Online

Cost: $19.99

7. Google Professional Certificate Information Technology Support

Skills Acquired: How to work with Linux, binary code, problem-solving, customer support, IPv4, domain name system, network model, Powershell, command interface, Linux file systems, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Requirements: N/A

Duration: 6 months

Location: Online

Cost: $39 a month with Coursera

8. The Data Analytics Bootcamp with University of South Florida Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education (CTPE)

Skills Acquired: Develop an understanding of the HDEIP Framework and the Five-Step Problem-Solving Approaches, how to use SMART principles to create a problem statement worksheet, how to create Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) Issue Trees, develop an understanding of Value Driver Trees, develop an advanced ability to use Tableau and Power BI, and develop the ability to explain the nuances of a database and how it relates to set theory.

Requirements: N/A

Duration: Six months

Location: Online

Cost: Cost varies

9. Data Governance Mastery

Skills Acquired: Learn data governance technology; how to start a data governance program; learn communication plans and socialization plans; learn data security techniques; learn metadata management

Requirements: N/A

Duration: At student’s pace

Location: Online

Cost: $1,599

10. Data Analysis with Kibana/Elastic Certified Analyst

Skills Acquired: How to properly search, visualize, interact, recover, and analyze data

Requirements: Own a Mac, Linux, or Windows, have a stable internet connection (virtual classroom), own the latest version of Chrome or Firefox (other browsers not supported), disable any ad blockers, and restart your browser before class

Duration: training 24 hours, exam two hours

Location: Online

Cost: Exam $300

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Emma Crockett
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