Adaptec Demonstrates iSCSI SAN for MS Exchange

Adaptec is demonstrating an iSCSI solution that simplifies management and accelerates backup and restore features of Microsoft Exchange-based corporate email servers.

The demonstration this week is targeting hundreds of IT managers and end- users that plan, manage and deploy Microsoft Exchange or Windows servers who are attending the Microsoft Exchange Conference, and validates the maturity of iSCSI for business applications.

“The promise of iSCSI is starting to happen. Exchange is the perfect example of an application that can really reap the benefits of a low-cost, block storage network,” said Arun Taneja, senior analyst at The Enterprise Storage Group. “Getting direct attached storage into the storage networked world has always been a good idea, and iSCSI makes it economically feasible.”

“People expect 24×7 availability of email and calendars, and that requires effective storage management,” said Balaji Baktha, vice president of marketing for Adaptec’s Storage Networking Group. “Adaptec is showing how iSCSI SANs make managing Microsoft Exchange data even easier, from adding users and capacity, to accelerating backup times, providing the highest levels of server availability and performance.

“Network downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour,” said Baktha. “By bringing together a Microsoft Exchange solution on an iSCSI SAN, we are showing that iSCSI is a tremendous platform for SAN applications, and its implementation can mean significant savings for your business.”

Adaptec’s demonstration showcases an e-mail application on an iSCSI SAN running Microsoft Exchange, with Adaptec’s DuraStor iSCSI prototype storage subsystem hosting the database. iSCSI connectivity is provided by Adaptec’s ASA-7211 iSCSI adapters. The demonstration also includes a standard Gbit Ethernet switch and an iSCSI tape library from SpectraLogic to demonstrate backup and restore capabilities for Microsoft Exchange.

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