Adaptec Introduces New Appliance for Storage Networks

Adaptec today introduced a new low-profile external storage subsystem featuring storage management, security and protection crucial for SANs.

The Adaptec DuraStor 7320SS, a Fibre Channel-to-SCSI subsystem, features LUN (logical unit number) zoning for the highest level of SAN security and manageability. LUN zoning allows organizations to easily allocate storage for specific applications and servers while preventing overwrites.

“DuraStor’s storage networking capabilities simplify storage management and enable customers to sharply improve disk utilization through consolidation — delivering lower total cost of ownership,” said Steve Cochran, vice president of Adaptec’s Storage Solutions Group. “DuraStor 7320SS is built on Adaptec’s proven SCSI and RAID technologies, delivering highly reliable, cost-effective external storage to enhance application performance, data protection and storage scalability.”

Small and midsize businesses increasingly demand high-performance, high-capacity data storage for rich text, graphics and other bandwidth-hungry electronic files.

“Most storage networking solutions have been designed for the enterprise, making them too costly and too complex for small businesses or workgroups,” Connolly continued. “Adaptec’s DuraStor line delivers enterprise-class features and capabilities in a package that is easy to implement and cost effective for midsize businesses.”

Adaptec today also introduced DuraStor 6320SS, a SCSI-to-SCSI external storage subsystem. Both solutions consist of a RAID controller appliance and an enclosure with 12 hot-swappable one-inch drive bays to provide up to 1.7 terabytes of storage. With the addition of three 12-bay drive enclosures, the Adaptec DuraStor 7320SS scales to 7 terabytes of storage capacity. Two enclosures can be added to the Adaptec DuraStor 6320SS for scaling to 5.2 terabytes of storage.

Both subsystems are 2U appliances, enabling high-density rack mounting or pedestal use, and both include redundant, hot-swappable fans and power supplies for maximum uptime. Both also feature Adaptec’s Storage Manager Pro software. The Java-based graphical user interface makes remote and local storage management simple, enabling users to create and manage RAID arrays, set up user and administrator security levels, and establish notification for disk failures.

Pricing for DuraStor 7320SS and 6320SS is $9,799 and $7,999, respectively.

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