BakBone Certifies Maxtor Storage Servers

Maxtor Corporation’s MaxAttach family of storage servers have been certified as a platform for interoperability with BakBone’s NetVault backup and recovery software. BakBone said certification assures enterprise customers that the NetVault and MaxAttach product families are fully tested by BakBone to install easily and operate seamlessly with one another.

The MaxAttach family includes the NAS 4100, NAS 4300 and NAS 6000 storage servers. Maxtor said Key features include network status reporting, automatic e-mail alerts and RAID 0, 1, and 5 data redundancy for data protection. Multiple ethernet ports, gigabit ethernet, a journaling file system and integrated UPS support ensure high performance, system availability and fault tolerance.

BakBone said its SAN/NAS certification program is designed to ensure BakBone’s products meet the highest levels of compatibility, reliability and performance standards on all major platforms, operating systems and devices in SAN/NAS-specific topologies and implementations.

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