Inspur and Samsung Electronics Co-develop Open Source All-Flash Storage Pooling Device

SAN JOSE — Inspur Information and Samsung Electronics are introducing an open source device for data storage pooling for high-density and high-performance servers and data centers. 

The server-based all-flash hardware supports remote sharing of flash storage resources through NVMeoF technology, according to Inspur this month.

The product uses the new Ruler SSD, based on the enterprise and data center storage (EDSFF) standard, and can achieve a flash memory capacity of up to 256 TB in 1U.

It can accommodate two rows of flash dies to support larger capacity, while supporting hot-plug function, lower power consumption, and heat dissipation requirements.

The flash device is designed to improve I/O performance and reduce latency and intended for use with databases, analytics, security applications, and transaction processing.

Inspur and Samsung Electronics plan to share the product architecture in the open computing community as an open source reference for other manufacturers, according to Inspur.

Inspur said it is “committed to promoting the establishment of industry standards and taking the lead in advancing the commercialization of open technology standards.”

The company is involved with several open computing organizations: OCP, ODCC, and Open19.

“More customers are starting to adopt some form of OCP, from a NIC card to a fully integrated rack solution and everything in between,” said Alan Chang, VP of technical operations, Inspur Information.

“We are breaking down barriers to entry for enterprises. Our focus is a higher adoption rate. By working together as a community, businesses will benefit from this standardized approach that delivers the very best OCP solutions to meet their needs and having a choice of vendors to buy from.”

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