JMR Introduces 1U Storage Solution

JMR Electronics earlier this week announced StorBlade, a revolutionary approach to rackmounted storage solutions. Designed to maximize available rack space without compromising on features or storage capacities, JMR says that StorBlade delivers the ultimate in affordable, scalable storage solutions in the smallest form factor ever available to IT professionals.

Created as a solution for existing blade and rackmount servers, StorBlade ships as a 1U high, 4-bay rackmount enclosure available in SCSI RAID, SCSI JBOD and 2Gb Fibre RAID configurations. Each StorBlade offers a 584GB maximum capacity with the ability to daisy chain multiple units to increase storage capacity, while using the smallest amount of rack space.

“From its inception, StorBlade has been designed to maximize available rack space without compromise, providing flexibility with a simple and affordable upgrade path to scale storage as requirements grow,” said Josef Rabinovitz, president and CEO, JMR Electronics. “With StorBlade SCSI RAID, you’ll get the complete RAID feature set typically found in larger and more expensive storage solutions. By using StorBlade SCSI RAID and StorBlade SCSI JBOD in tandem, RAID sets can easily be scaled to meet the toughest storage requirements with an ultra-efficient footprint.”

Supporting Windows NT/2000, Mac, SUN, SGI, Linux and other major operating systems, StorBlade SCSI solutions are Ultra160 compatible, scalable from 146GB to 584GB capacity and feature dual 68-pin connectors, dual SCSI channels (with two drives per channel), dual blowers and a 200 watt power supply.

For customers seeking Fibre Channel storage, StorBlade is available in 2Gb JBOD solutions. StorBlade 2Gb Fibre Channel RAID configurations deliver support for RAID 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, and 50, hot swappable HDDs, and FC-2 drives. StorBlade also features disk array software to create and manage RAID arrays, dedicated or global spare drive support, online capacity expansion, online RAID level migration, and complete disk array migration. Integrated system hardware for RAID versions feature an embedded RAID controller, one host connection, and two disk connections with up to a 512MB cache memory with battery backup.

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