Keepit Opens First Two Data Centers in Canada

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — The cloud backup and recovery company Keepit is expanding its data center presence to Canada.

Keepit opened its first two data centers in Canada, according to the company last month.

The data centers are intended to support Keepit’s expanding Canadian customer base and the proliferation of the data backup-as-a-service (BaaS) and recovery market. 

Keepit believes the market is fueled by the growth of data volumes due to the increased adoption of connected technologies and digital transformation efforts.

Keepit is partnering with the digital infrastructure company Equinix to run the data centers.

The partnership will help Keepit follow Canadian laws related to data centers for companies operating inside and outside of Canada.

Keepit specializes in vendor-neutral cloud backup and recovery dedicated to software-as-a-service (SaaS) data protection with a blockchain-verified solution.

Keepit’s infrastructure is architected around multiple separate, mirrored data centers in each region, with each center operating in active-active mode. Data is continually replicated between the centers.

The company’s data center strategy is what allows Keepit’s customers to “instantly recover and restore lost or compromised data,” said Keepit, CTO, Jakob Østergaard.

Chris Ehrlich
Chris Ehrlich
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