LSI Logic and ServerWorks Partner on Integrated RAID Solution

LSI Logic and ServerWorks have announced a partnership to deliver MegaRAID IDEal RAID on motherboard (ROMB) solutions with the next generation of ServerWorks SystemI/O solutions. The MegaRAID IDEal solution will be available for licensing with the Champion South Bridge 6 (CSB6), which is now available in volume quantities. It is compatible with the ServerWorks’ Grand Champion family of SystemI/O solutions.

Designed for high performance workstations and entry-level servers, the MegaRAID IDEal solution addresses the need for an affordable and easy-to-use ATA RAID solution. With this partnership, ServerWorks and LSI Logic will offer a completely integrated ATA/100 RAID solution to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs).

“LSI Logic’s IDEal RAID solution offers extensive fault tolerance and data recovery capabilities along with advanced monitoring and alert notification features demanded by the industry’s leading server OEMs,” said Siamak Iranpour, LSI Logic director of marketing for RAID storage adapters. “With MegaRAID IDEal technology, server administrators can also leverage powerful and easy-to-use array configuration and management utilities that have made MegaRAID the choice of OEMs worldwide. And with nearly two million MegaRAID solutions shipped globally, LSI Logic customers enjoy unmatched performance reliability and customer support.”

The MegaRAID IDEal ROMB solution offers data striping for performance (RAID 0), mirroring for data redundancy (RAID 1), and a combination of both (RAID 10). An easy-to-use management console allows for fast array setup, and works with Microsoft(R) Management Console for array monitoring and error logging. MegaRAID IDEal ROMB solutions currently support a variety of operating systems, including: Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP; Linux RedHat 7.x, and NetWare 5.x and 6.x. Standard features also include OS boot from RAID array, background drive rebuilding, and system recovery if array with RAID drivers fail or if boot drive fails.

“The increasing density and complexity of server motherboards, combined with increasing cost pressures make an embedded RAID solution extremely attractive to system designers,” said David Pulling, ServerWorks executive vice president marketing and sales. “The ServerWorks’ Grand Champion family of SystemI/O solutions, with LSI Logic’s market-leading MegaRAID solution is perfect for this environment.”

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