Nexsan Unleashes ‘The Beast’

Nexsan today rolled out its next-generation disk-to-disk backup technology platform, creating what it says are new standards for affordable, high-density enterprise storage. The InfiniSAN ATABeast, is a compact multi-terabyte disk array that Nexsan says delivers enterprise-class capabilities in a low-profile, cost-correct package.

Nexsan’s new ATABeast combines capacity, availability and scalability at a cost that makes it a viable replacement for enterprise-class tape libraries. The ATABeast starts at around $40,000 for a 13.4 TB configuration. Utilizing Nexsan’s D2D backup software, ATABeast delivers access to data up to 100 times faster than tape libraries. The ATABeast architecture leverages the industry’s highest storage density per square inch — 13.4 TB in just 4U of rack space — and can pack up to 134 TB of capacity in a single data center rack. Each individual ATABeast module supports internal capacity scalability.

Nexsan says it designed the ATABeast to meet enterprise-class availability requirements by incorporating double redundancy of both fans and power supplies, as well as the first dual active-active ATA RAID controllers. The active-active design enables the ATABeast to operate at twice the standard performance level, while providing the safety of automatic failover. Each RAID controller is configured with dual high-performance 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel host ports or dual Ultra160 SCSI host ports. Nexsan says that the ATABeast features an advanced architecture innovative horizontal midplane design that promotes superior airflow compared to traditional vertically mounted midplanes, while eliminating insertion stress points.

“Enterprise data protection is less about the actual backup of information and more about the data’s safe, fast and complete recovery,” said Nancy Marrone, Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Storage Group. “With the ATABeast’s enterprise-class qualities, such as dual RAID controllers, fully redundant architecture and automatic failover, users can be assured that their data will be available if recovery is necessary.”

“Perhaps the only sure thing in the IT business today is that enterprise customers will continue to demand additional storage capacity while minimizing expenditures. The ATABeast is Nexsan’s solution to both problems,” said Diamond Lauffin, Nexsan’s Senior Executive Vice President. “No other product and no other vendor delivers this level of enterprise capacity, compact size and unprecedented value. IT managers will find this beast to be a real beauty.”

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