Pogo Linux Unveils Linux-based SATA Servers

Pogo Linux expanded its line of StorageWare servers this week with the release of three new servers that feature Serial ATA (SATA) technology.

The Linux hardware vendor claims its offerings are the first SATA servers for Linux.

The new Serial ATA StorageWare servers — StorageWare S140, S212, and S316 — span the gamut of 1U to 3U rack-mountable servers. All three are powered by dual Intel Xeon Processors with Hyper-Threading technology.

The servers contain the most recent SATA hard drives from Seagate and are configured with a 3ware 8500 Escalade SATA RAID controller in a RAID 5 array.

Pogo Linux believes that the 3ware RAID technology combined with the high-capacity Serial ATA drives gives the StorageWare servers the fastest possible ATA disk performance at a fraction of the cost of high-end SCSI-based alternatives — even the newest ones.

Designed to be a complete out-of-the-box Network Attached Storage (NAS) server, the new StorageWare servers provide 2240 GB of redundant storage in a dense, rack-mountable footprint. Set up in a RAID 5 configuration, the systems feature what Pogo Linux believes is sufficient storage for housing a small to midsize company’s database, holding data backups, or functioning as a dedicated file server.

The vendor is also positioning the new StorageWare servers as ideal solutions for high-performance database environments.

Pogo Linux selected Serial ATA drives over the more commonly deployed parallel ATA technology because of SATA’s capabilities, scalability, and reliability. Serial ATA supports hot swap capabilities, offers better data reliability with 32-bit (CRC) protection on both command data and data on the bus, contains smaller cables that allow for better airflow throughout the server, and features interoperability with the new Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology.

“Our customers have asked for powerful, reliable servers that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. Serial ATA is the next step in storage evolution with features such as hot swap,” says Tim Lee, president of Pogo Linux.

The servers are priced at $3,499 for the S140, $7,499 for the S212, and $9,499 for the S316.

This story originally appeared on ServerWatch.

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