SAN Valley Teams With CipherOptics, CyLink on Secure IP SAN Solution

SAN Valley Systems together with CipherOptics and veteran security firm Cylink have announced that their respective products have completed interoperability testing to create secure Fibre Channel SAN connectivity solutions over IP infrastructures. The result from the collaboration is complete data security and privacy over extended distances at wire speeds. SAN Valley products work in conjunction with either company’s products for secure connectivity.

“We’re addressing the topic of IP storage security before it becomes an issue,” said Jeff Martin, Director of Product Marketing at SAN Valley Systems. “With corporate officers becoming increasingly responsible for storage data, SAN Valley, together with CipherOptics and Cylink, enables secure transfer of mission-critical storage data across any IP network. This ultimately benefits the end user, as it provides a significant competitive advantage.”

The SAN Valley IP-SAN Gateway connects disparate Fibre Channel SANs across IP and optical networks, enabling disaster recovery solutions over extended distances for reliable SAN to SAN connectivity. SAN Valley’s products have completed interoperability testing with the CipherOptics Security Gateway, a gigabit speed data encryption appliance; and the Cylink NetHawk, a high performance, scalable VPN solution. The integration of the SAN Valley SL-1000 with the CipherOptics Security Gateway provides for secure data transport at gigabit speeds and the integration of the SL-1000 with the NetHawk provides for secure data transport over fast Ethernet connections, including VPN.

“Encrypting data for SAN-to-SAN interconnectivity is a perfect application for the high-speed encryption capabilities of the CipherOptics Security Gateway,” said Ron Willis, President and CEO, CipherOptics. “Encrypting data at gigabit speeds allows customers to deploy high-performance products such as the SAN Valley SL1000 without sacrificing that performance for data privacy and security. The combination of the two products enables high-quality SAN performance at the highest level of data privacy possible.”

“The SAN Valley / Cylink solution enables the deployment of secure IP SANs that benefit from the use of existing, proven IP infrastructure and our advanced, policy-based security management platform,” said Pat Reilly, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Cylink Corporation. “Enterprises can simply and cost-effectively deploy geographically distributed SANs for business continuity with complete confidence that their information will remain private and confidential.”

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