Seagate RSS and Imation Expand Travan(TM) Tape Technology Development

Seagate Removable Storage
Solutions (RSS) and Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), manufacturers of
Travan technology, today announced future plans for Travan technology
migration. The two companies are committed to extend existing Travan
products to higher capacities, performance and unique solutions.

“With the ever increasing focus on data protection, there is a need in the
marketplace for cost-effective and effortless ways to protect and backup
entry-level servers,” said Fara Yale, chief analyst, Gartner Dataquest.
“Digital video, graphics and other storage-intensive applications could
take months to replace, but can be restored from a single cartridge within

“Our market demand for notebook, workstation and entry-level server backup
storage solutions continues to grow,” said Larry McMannon, general manager
of Seagate Removable Storage Solutions. “Travan technology is reliable and
is a leader among cost-effective backup solutions for a wide range of
platforms. Together with Imation, we will offer tape drives with greater
capacity and increased transfer rates to meet the growing storage needs of
these markets.”

“Our commitment to Travan with Seagate has been an integral part of the
success we have achieved with the implementation of Travan technology,”
said Frank Russomanno, general manager of Imation Data Storage Media and
Services. “We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with
Seagate as we continue to position Travan technology as a leading backup
technology for small and medium businesses.”

In 1995, Imation launched Travan technology and Seagate partnered with
Imation to develop drives based on this technology. The Travan tape drive
is a reliable, cost-effective data backup and storage solution with over
10 million drives shipped worldwide. The Travan technology is available in
ATAPI/IDE, SCSI, FireWire and USB interface configurations and is
compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix operating systems.

Travan technology, based on linear recording, represents an efficient
cartridge and drive design that reduces tape stress, ensures data
integrity and increases drive and cartridge reliability. Travan technology
has established a solid heritage of affordability, reliability,
scalability and performance. With features such as Seagate’s patented
FastSense(TM), a feature that minimizes backup time by matching drive
speed with the host system, Travan technology meets the growing needs of
mission-critical data backup in the business server space.

Seagate’s latest Travan product, TapeStor Travan Portable USB tape drive,
was selected earlier this year to the exclusive WinList 100 published by It joined Seagate TapeStor Travan NS 20, which was previously
honored by the WinList selection. The Company has had significant success
with its Travan drives receiving product awards from Windows Sources,
HomePC, IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award), Computer Shopper, PC
World UK, Mikro Datorn and PC Professional.

Imation provides a comprehensive line of Travan data cartridges with
capacities up to 20 Gbytes. Imation recently introduced the Travan
FireWire 20-Gbyte tape drive. This FireWire-compatible external drive
solution is targeted at high end workstation users in the digital video
and graphics industries.

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