Storage Products Drive Channel Development

With hardware vendors now marketing their own storage products, channel requirements for Value-Added Resellers have escalated. As well, as a result of the backlash from a multi-year swing to two-tiered distribution, many Channel programs have been revamped, reconnecting Resellers with headquarters and fortifying the relationship through aggressive incentive programs.

Referencing its latest study on channel programs, Patricia Colbert, president of The Chandler Group said today “It is refreshing to see the sudden respect and fervor companies have for Value Added Resellers. While `loyalty’ and `commitment’ are measurements used to analyze channel partners and their value, it is clearly time that vendors begin to measure themselves with the same yardsticks.”

The “Channel Program Report: Hardware Vendors,” published today, provides a detailed analysis of the channel programs of Acer America, Apple, Compaq, EMC, Gateway, IBM, HP, SGI and Sun Microsystems. It delves into how resellers fit into the organization, how many resellers are on board, what the terms are of the relationship and what the discount schedules provide. The report describes how the resellers are supported from a technical, sales, financial and promotional aspect. How resellers get certified, who trains them and how the local sales relationship works is also covered.

“Most of these companies have taken a substantial lead in creating a positive environment for Resellers that want to join their ranks,” said Colbert, president of the Group. “When we look at best practices in the industry, these companies set the level,” she added.

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