NNuGenesis Releases Web-Enabled Scientific Data Management System

News Release

NuGenesis. Technologies Corporation, the market leader in Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS), today announced the release of NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) 5.0, a web-enabled version of its proven technology for the management of electronic laboratory data.

The software suite is designed to electronically assist the laboratory environment in information collection, storage and retrieval by automatically aggregating data from disparate sources, providing greater access and insight into critical knowledge generated in the laboratory. The 5.0 upgrade adds Web technology to the NuGenesis SDMS, in addition to several other features that enable streamlined data management throughout the scientific enterprise.

“The reality of pharmaceutical laboratories requires a robust product capable of electronic data capture for quick and easy viewing and transfer,” says NuGenesis Technologies President and CEO, Michael E. McGuinness. “We are delivering on the promise of the networked lab by adding Web functionality to the product. For example, scientists will be able to search for compounds by name and have the collective results from the enterprise delivered to their desktop. Data is now accessible throughout the enterprise for timely development and deployment of new drugs.”

NuGenesis SDMS 5.0 is designed with enterprise scalability in mind. Data stored within an Oracle database can be searched using a standard browser, making data in projects and reports readily accessible from any location in the world. A sophisticated security grid controls access to information contained in the NuGenesis SDMS. This real-time availability of data provides a key advantage by allowing for faster and more reliable decisions during the drug development process.

NuGenesis SDMS 5.0 also offers important new features:

Web Access -. Allows NuGenesis Projects , as well as individual reports to be saved as hyperlinks in a favorites folder for easy access through a standard Browser (both Netscape and Internet Explorer are supported).

Project Access and Privilege Grid – Provides comprehensive access control to data and features within NuGenesis SDMS. When accessing any data using hyperlinks, for example, a user name and password is required.

Traceability – Provides the ability to hyperlink back to NuGenesis SDMS from a compound document. This feature also allows key traceable information to be printed so a report may be located manually.

Annotations – Allows the addition of notes or comments to a report. All annotations are tracked and an annotation history is maintained in the database. Annotations are also tracked in the audit trail.

Global Access – Enables searching across projects and different NuGenesis databases located anywhere in the world.

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