Sun Claims Mid-Range Laurels

Sun Microsystems has released benchmark results for its StorEdge 6320 system that substantiate 46% greater performance than other mid-range storage systems.

The Storage Performance Council (SPC) vendor-independent audited and certified results “demonstrated that the Sun StorEdge 6320 system delivered 46% more performance than any competing mid-range storage system,” reports Sun. The measurement was run on a Sun StorEdge 6320 system in conjunction with a Sun Fire 4800 server, and delivered 44,805.74 SPC-1 IOPS.

Scaling from 500 GB to 45 TB, Sun says the system also demonstrated near-linear scalability. The SPC tested the 12-controller and 22-controller systems, which Sun reports demonstrated linear scaling for the system in both price and performance. The 12-controller system delivered price per IOPS of $15.40, while the 22-controller system delivered $15.56, an increase of just 1%.

“The Sun 6320 is very interesting in that there is data for a 12-controller configuration and a 22-controller configuration,” comments Randy Kerns, partner at the Evaluator Group. “There is a trend to cluster distributed storage systems together to scale performance and capacity, but yet manage as a single entity. The data from Sun shows the scaling in both performance, and, maybe more importantly, cost was done very effectively.”

Kerns says SPC benchmarks are “starting to fill a void that exists for comparing the performance of storage in open systems environments. Certainly marketing people will use it, but customers are also using it to fill in their questions when evaluating criteria to select a storage system.”

Kerns reports it is “still relatively early in the SPC development,” with transaction processing covered, but not data throughput yet. That will be included in SPC-2.

The SPC-1 test results found that the 22-controller StorEdge 6320 system performed at 44,805.74 SPC-1 IOPS, with a SPC-1 price-performance of $15.56/SPC-1 IOPS and total ASU capacity of 3,275.980 GP (data protection level of mirrored). The SPC Audit Certification Identifier is 13.

The SPC-1 test showed that the 12-controller StorEdge 6320 system performed at 25,340.29 SPC-1 IOPS, with a SPC-1 price-performance of $15.40/SPC-1 IOPS and total ASU capacity of 1,960.13 GB (data protection level of mirrored). The SPC Audit Certification Identifier is 11.

Full configuration details and results can be found at the SPC website:

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Paul Shread
Paul Shread
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