Vector Data Releases New Flash Storage Appliance 

BERKELEY, Calif. — Vector Data is introducing a new rugged storage appliance.

Vector Data released Vault AFF A250, an all-flash, end-to-end NVMe appliance, according to the company last month. 

Vault AFF A250 is designed to give telcos the data storage performance to “accelerate their business-critical application needs,” security and reliability for customer data, and flexibility.

Based on the NetApp AFF A250 storage appliance, Vector Data’s Vault AFF A250 uses a 2U short-depth chassis small enough to be deployed at edge or RAN sites. An optional dust-filtering bezel allows the system to be deployed in dusty environments. The system supports 24 internal NVMe disks and an additional 24 NVMe disks with a 2U expansion shelf.

Powered by NetApp ONTAP software with Kubernetes and OpenStack compatibility, the Vault AFF A250 can support 5G and NFV deployments. The software includes several features: ransomware protection, S3 compatibility, data compression and deduplication, data mirroring, and data cloning.

Available with -48 V DC or 100-240 V AC power supplies, the Vault AFF A250 can be deployed at various sites, including a central office, edge, and RAN. 

Vault AFF A250 is also available with optional NEBS Level 3, ETSI, and ATT-TP-76200 certifications and other global telecom certifications. 

The telco storage appliance has also been tested in extreme temperatures and passed various physical tests.

Chris Ehrlich
Chris Ehrlich
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