AlphaNet Opens Portal to Managed Enterprise Storage Services

AlphaNet Solutions, Inc. recently announced the immediate availability of a Managed Enterprise Storage Portal (MESP), a new managed storage offering enabling companies to seamlessly integrate and manage their storage assets across the enterprise while reducing the costs of IT operations.

AlphaNet Solutions’ MESP services provide enterprise customers with the ability to view their entire storage infrastructure as a single asset, regardless of the number of platforms and software products currently used by the enterprise, resulting in improved IT planning and reduced costs. In addition, the MESP service can significantly reduce the risks associated with in-house storage management solutions and increase the return on investment for the solution, as the enterprise can leverage AlphaNet Solutions’ experience rather than train in-house personnel.

The Enterprise Storage Portal is part of a very rapidly growing market for storage resource management, which the Hurwitz Group projects will grow from
$397 million in 2001 to $1.47 billion in 2005, with a compound annual growth rate of 30%. Forrester Research predicts that storage costs will increase to
17% of IT budgets in 2003.

AlphaNet Solutions is using Computer Associates’ (CA) acclaimed BrightStor(TM) family of storage management solutions as the core technology
platform for its innovative, high-value service offering. BrightStor technology was selected for its robust functionality, broad support for multi-
vendor storage environments and unmatched scalability.

“AlphaNet Solutions’ new MESP service effectively leverages CA’s industry-leading BrightStor Portal and SRM technologies to provide customers with a
practical, cost-efficient solution for managing storage in multi-platform environments,” said Gary McGuire, Computer Associates’ senior vice president
of BrightStor solutions. “Customers seeking to relieve their IT staffs of storage-related workloads while realizing maximum business value from their
investments in storage infrastructure should find this service particularly

“The demand for storage management is growing exponentially,” said Tony Ferrigno, AlphaNet Solutions’ chief technology officer. “AlphaNet Solutions’
new Managed Enterprise Storage Portal provides a faster return on investment, reduced risk, and improved focus on core business objectives compared to
current approaches in use today. Coupled with other value-added Service Desk components from AlphaNet Solutions, the Managed Enterprise Storage Portal
provides a formidable solution for managing enterprise storage infrastructure.”

AlphaNet currently plans to offer a Quick Start program, allowing clients to “test drive” the Managed Enterprise Storage Portal service as a proof-of-

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