VERITAS Boosts Data Protection Software


Veritas has announced enhancements to its flagship data protection product that the company says reduce data center downtime by streamlining backup and recovery performance.

The NetBackup 4.5 Feature Pack provides instant recovery, gives users greater access to information, reduces the overall cost of storage by eliminating multiple copies and reducing data, and provides an 80% increase in speed, according to Bob Maness, senior director of product marketing at Veritas. Disaster recovery has also been enhanced by use of the Iron Mountain format, he said.

The Feature Pack "reduces the time to recovery and offers unprecedented support for Exchange mailboxes, allowing customers to access their critical data at the service level they desire, while minimizing risk," said Brenda Zawatski, vice president of product marketing at Veritas.

The NetBackup 4.5 Feature Pack includes enhancements such as:

  • An Instant Recovery Option that lets companies recover data directly from disk, "virtually eliminating data center downtime," the company said. To produce the fastest recovery possible, the Instant Data Recovery option utilizes snapshot technology to retrieve point-in-time copies of data from disk. Integration with Veritas File System and Veritas Volume Manager provides faster and more reliable disk-based data protection without data movement to tape. The option gives companies the ability to choose disk or tape depending on their business needs.

  • Streamlined Microsoft Exchange Support, for providing faster backup and recovery at the mailbox-level of Microsoft Exchange environments through single instance store technology, eliminating the redundancy typical of mailbox-level backups. The software achieves quicker and more efficient Exchange mailbox backups by backing up only one instance of an attachment stored by multiple Exchange users. NetBackup 4.5 Feature Pack also provides full support for Microsoft server platforms, including the Windows Server 2003 (.NET) operating system.

  • Integrated Disaster Recovery, a new tape management and reporting capability that helps companies better manage the transport of backup tapes to an off-site location, such as Iron Mountain, to ensure that data is available in the event of a disaster, and to integrate local backup programs with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. The new reporting feature allows administrators to automate routine tasks, increasing the efficiency of implementing and maintaining a disaster recovery plan.
Veritas data protection software commands 48.8 percent of the UNIX and Windows backup and recovery market, almost twice as much as runner up Tivoli Storage Manager, Veritas said, citing Gartner Dataquest 2001 Storage Management Software Market Share, March 2002.

Veritas data protection software helps reduce operational and management costs by providing a single backup source for multi-platform environments, including UNIX, Linux, Windows and the upcoming Windows Server 2003, the company said.

"In today's economic environment, companies have been forced to look for ways to maximize existing IT resources and manage costs intelligently," said Steve Kenniston, technology analyst, Enterprise Storage Group. "Using the new Veritas NetBackup 4.5 Feature Pack to further reduce or eliminate downtime provides tremendous tangible business benefits. An increased return on investment, improved rates of business transactions and enhanced incremental revenue are all beneficial to any budget-conscious IT manager."

"Veritas today owns the backup market," Kenniston said. "At a competitive level, they have a very robust feature set and support a large number of server and client platforms that allow them to support and help customers grow into environments with hetrogeneous hardware. They have also begun releasing products in these new Feature Packs or release trains, providing customers with the features they need in a timely fashion."

"Using a proven and reliable backup and recovery product is critical to the success of our day to day IT operations," said Scott Zeiders, UNIX system administrator, Tyco Electronics. "Veritas NetBackup offers a number of features that accelerate our ability to make our UNIX data center run at peak effectiveness. At the same time, we're able make our data highly available in a complex, heterogeneous environment using a product that has proven itself time and again."

Veritas NetBackup 4.5 Feature Pack is available globally from Veritas Software and through Veritas Software's network of authorized partners, starting at a suggested retail price of $5,000 for Windows and Linux platforms and $10,000 for UNIX platforms. The Feature Pack is free for customers under maintenance, Maness said.

For full information regarding the new features and enhancements for Veritas NetBackup 4.5 Feature Pack, visit the Veritas Web site.

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