CA Overhauls Key Storage Management Line


Computer Associates has completed a major overhaul of its storage management software, updating and packaging its products into one "integrated, intelligent" line.

The Islandia, N.Y., enterprise software maker has refreshed BrightStor r11.1, positioning it as a new generation of intelligent storage management software to help businesses protect their corporate data assets with great cost efficiency.

A key piece of the company's broad, new "management on-demand" strategy, CA is making the aggressive push to combat rivals Veritas Software and EMC , two of the most formidable storage management software vendors in the market today.

Anders Lofgren, vice president of BrightStor Product Management at CA, said the integrated suite is geared to blow away "stovepipe" point products from rivals, managing storage that over time has become very complex. To combat this, vendors have traditionally thrown multiple tools with different licensing at problems to solve complexity.

"Resource utilization hasn't been the greatest strength in the storage industry," Lofgren told "A lot of people have solved problems by throwing more disk drives at it and that's why we've ended up here. The problem's not going away... complexity grows exponentially."

CA plans to remedy complexity by helping customers streamline their infrastructure and provide it on-demand, driving down cost. For example, one new product, BrightStor Process Automation Manager, provides provisions BrightStor software to automate storage tasks across the enterprise.

The other products are refreshes. BrightStor Enterprise Backup and ARCserve Backup have been combined to form BrightStor ARCserve Backup r 11.1. This integrated software lets customers manage backup and recovery jobs from desktops to data centers on platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Netware and Linux OS for IBM zSeries.

BrightStor r 11.1 also supports such databases and applications as Advantage Ingres, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft Exchange, People Soft, SAP R/3 and Sybase. More broadly, the line now supports more than 100 storage arrays, tape libraries, SAN switches, severs, operating systems, databases and applications.

In other updates, there are new versions of BrightStor High Availability, the company's application failover software, as well as updated BrightStor Storage Resource Manager, BrightStor SAN Manager and BrightStor CA-Vantage and CA-Allocate storage resource management products.

In one example, integration of BrightStor SRM and BrightStor SAN Manager allows the customer to reduce costs through better understanding of their assets.

"One of the things we'll be able to deliver in r11.1 is full-path visualization so you can look all the way from my Oracle, SQL or Exchange application down to the spindle and everything in between, allowing you to see how your storage infrastructure supports your business process," Lofgren said.

Enterprise Management Associates analyst Mike Karp approved of the refresh.

"This is a pretty significant refresh," Karp said. "Everything now seems to work from a set of common services, which makes for more efficiency in terms of both the way things operate and (maybe more importantly) in terms of reducing development time."

BrightStor r11.1 is available under CA's FlexSelect licensing program. The company is also offering BrightStor Managed Capacity Pricing, a licensing model based on terabyte capacity that allows customer to pay as they go, similar to a utility computing model, although CA does not use that term.


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