Quantum's Storage Leap Dumps Duplicate Data


Quantum reborn as a backup and recovery specialist after exitingthe hard disk drive market, has upgraded the data-management software it acquired when it purchased ADIC last year.

StorNext 3.0 brings data sharing to servers on the local area network (LAN) and includes Quantum's data de-duplication technology, which deletes duplicate data to reduce required storage capacity.

Reducing redundant data via de-duplication is a major efficiency boost for customers concerned about keeping their capacities in check. Startups such as Avamar, Data Domain — which filed for an IPO earlier this week — and Diligent are all embracing this practice.

StorNext helps customers build an infrastructure for consolidating resources so that workflow operations run faster and business-asset maintenance costs less.

Nathan Moffitt, product and marketing manager of software for Quantum, said via e-mail that StorNext 3.0's Distributed LAN Client lets applications access a high-speed pool of video, images, audio files and analytical data shared by all servers on a SAN or LAN using clustered gateways for access.

Moffitt said the software's Data Reduction Storage is a special disk tier that uses data de-duplication to reduce capacity requirements and moves data between different disk and tape resources to reduce costs and protect content. Also, data location is virtualized so that any file can easily be accessed for reuse even if it resides on tape.

StorNext 3.0's Dynamic Resource Allocation increases uptime by making it possible for storage administrators to add capacity or swap out disk arrays during hardware upgrades while the system is still online.

Quantum, which competes with EMC, IBM, Sun Microsystems and a host of startups in the backup and recovery software market, got into the data-management game by buying ADIC and its StorNext platform in 2006.

With that move, Quantum inherited the de-duplication software that ADIC acquired when it purchased RockSoft.

StorNext 3.0, which Quantum plans to ship in the second quarter, is the refreshed fruit of those ADIC and RockSoft integrations.

The platform follows the inclusion of RockSoft's de-duplication technology on Quantum's DXi3500 and DXi5500 appliances, which the company introduced last December to help eliminate and compress redundant data with de-duplication.

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