Overland and Astrum Join Forces to Develop Storage Management Solutions

Overland Data, Inc. and Astrum Software, have announced they are working together to bring a new family of Overland-branded storage management software solutions to market. As part of their technology agreement, Overland will use Astrum technology in the development of its family of storage management solutions, including the Overland Storage Resource Manager and Overland Storage Planner.

“Astrum Software clearly provides the highest quality technology in storage management,” said John Cloyd, vice president and general manager of Overland’s Storage Management Business Unit. “Through this partnership, we are confident that we can serve the growing need for more efficient storage management with an open product designed for ease of use, and deliver immediate ROI for our customers.”

The first of the Overland-branded storage solutions to be released is the Overland Storage Resource Manager, which enables policy-based storage management and allows users to easily detect problems, take corrective action and adjust storage resources in a matter of minutes to realize immediate ROI in a wide variety of storage environments. Some of the world’s leading educational and Global 1000 organizations have already deployed Astrum’s SRM technology.

Overland and Astrum also are jointly developing the new Overland Storage Planner, scheduled to ship this fall. Storage or IT professionals can use Overland Storage Planner to easily design custom storage area network (SAN) environments for any organization, using their existing assets as a foundation.

“Astrum Software is pleased to announce our partnership with Overland, an industry leader,” said F. Daniel Haley, president and CEO of Astrum Software. “Overland now delivers the industry’s best SRM tools to the largest possible customer channel. Joint product development with Overland means we not only get global distribution and support for our leading technology, but we will also receive invaluable input from Overland’s customer base. This input will enable our world-class development team to more quickly and effectively develop storage management software products that best serve our customers’ needs.”

“This partnership represents a win-win for both companies,” said Bill North, director of storage software research at market research firm IDC. “Astrum Software gets much broader distribution for its leading storage management software technology and Overland significantly expands its solutions offering by adding software to the mix.”

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