Rhapsody and Falconstor Ink Agreement for New Management Solution

Rhapsody Networks and FalconStor Software have announced that they will deliver an advanced solution designed to help enterprises more effectively manage large and growing corporate data requirements. The companies believe that the solution will bring unprecedented efficiencies to storage administrators responsible for the ongoing management and protection of corporate data attached to storage area networks (SANs).

Rhapsody Networks develops and markets a line of intelligent storage networking platforms that run storage applications within a storage area network (SAN). FalconStor’s IPStor provides enterprise class storage services, including remote replication, mirroring, capacity-on-demand, snapshot, zero-impact backup/restore enablers, active-active failover, and more through a software-only design that runs on existing industry standard hardware over Fibre Channel, iSCSI and IP/SCSI. Major system, storage and appliance vendors and system integrators throughout the world use IPStor, including companies such as NEC Corporation and Fujitsu Limited.

“The race to move intelligence off the host and out of the array is on,” said Steve Kenniston of The Enterprise Storage Group. “There are some very efficient economies of scale one can gain by putting storage optimized applications into the fabric.”

Based on patent-pending XPath technology and architecture, the Rhapsody family of Storage Application Directors allows the execution of the storage application software to be located within the SAN itself, not just on the host or storage systems. Storage application software running in the SAN has significant cost and scalability advantages over traditional approaches. Rhapsody platforms provide robust hardware and system support to ensure that leading storage applications achieve unprecedented performance and scalability within the SAN, thereby extending end-user storage management efficiencies.

According to Rhapsody Networks president and CEO, Mike Klayko, the FalconStor agreement continues the Rhapsody strategy of partnering with the leading and most innovative storage application providers. “FalconStor has outstanding enterprise visibility and exceptional support from a number of key storage vendors. Together with our intelligent network platforms, the IPStor solution will deliver increasing value to enterprises worldwide,” Klayko said.

ReiJane Huai, chairman and CEO of FalconStor, added, “Rhapsody has a roadmap that corresponds well with our own. Our solutions and functionality are very complementary, and when combined, enable businesses to protect their information assets across heterogeneous SAN environments, while maintaining 24 x 7 operations. Ensuring interoperability between Rhapsody and FalconStor, who both value applications and storage services running in the SAN, provides a storage infrastructure to customers with the flexibility to grow with their enterprise.”

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