Tek-Tools Ships Storage Profiler Backup

Tek-Tools has announced the availability of Storage Profiler Backup. This cross-vendor, web-based backup reporting and analysis solution provides a consolidated, centralized view of all backups across multiple backup servers running Veritas NetBackup, CA ARCserve and/or Legato Networker in relation to the entire storage network. Storage Profiler Backup works regardless of the operating system or storage technology (DAS, SAN, NAS).

Storage Profiler Backup allows organizations to charge departments based on their usage of backup media. It also offers real-time monitoring of all backup jobs as they progress through the backup window. Storage Profiler’s enterprise-wide “Backup Console” provides storage managers with a quick and easy consolidated picture of all backups for a single day and summarizes the status of backups across the enterprise, including backup status, exceptions and trending of backup size.

Storage Profiler allows administrators to proactively manage their storage environment. and save hours each month with off-the-shelf reports, including post-backup analysis reports and enterprise-level backup comparison reports. Reports can also be easily customized using a report wizard.

“Tek-Tools’ Storage Profiler Backup offers a robust backup management solution for enterprise customers,” said Ken Barth, President of Tek-Tools, Inc. “Storage Profiler reduces operational expenses for organizations by allowing them to manage backups centrally from one location, project when backup windows will collapse and provide customers with the ability to validate that their systems have been backed up.”

The Storage Profiler Suite is managed through a centralized Web-based console, offers asset management, alerting and notification, performance management, capacity planning, forecasting and trending, backup reporting, policy management and more for operating systems, NAS, SAN and backup. The suite integrates with existing storage systems and applications and supports a variety of environments including Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows NT, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2000, Novell NetWare, HP-UX and AIX.

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