New Dates for InfiniBand Roadshow

The InfiniBand Trade Association today announced that the next round of InfiniBand IT Roadshows will be September 23 – October 10 in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

The events provide a forum for IT managers and other technical personnel to learn about the performance and scalability benefits of InfiniBand architecture. Attendees will receive presentations from leading InfiniBand companies including: Intel, IBM Microelectronics, JNI Corporation, Banderacom, InfiniSwitch, Lane 15, Libra Networks, RedSwitch and VIEO. “

IT managers are seeking solutions offering increased scalability of data center resources,” said Bob Zak, Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, a member of the InfiniBand Trade Association’s Steering Committee. “The second leg of the roadshows will help spread awareness of the unique capabilities of InfiniBand architecture performance and scalability benefits to server and storage infrastructure.”

This announcement comes one month after more than 190 IT managers attended similar events in Boston, New York and Washington, D.C. A survey conducted at last month’s roadshows indicated that more than one third of event attendees plan to deploy InfiniBand architecture in their corporate data center.

“Our early InfiniBand trials have demonstrated a marked performance improvement over traditional data center interconnects for the applications at the heart of our media library,” said Nathan McQueen, Media Development Architect at the University of Washington. “I’m happy to see that more data center managers will be able to get ready for InfiniBand fabric deployment at these roadshows.”

The IT roadshows provide training on the role InfiniBand Architecture will play in improving the way data centers are built, deployed and managed. The events also feature a live performance demonstration showing impressive 70% decrease in processor utilization for InfiniBand over a comparable TCP/IP-based interconnect.

To register or for more information on the roadshows visit

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