Disk Doctors: Product Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line:

Disk Doctors offers well-respected data recovery services. Its offering includes a large suite of software solutions. The fact that it offers so much software may take some focus away from physical recovery work.

But its credentials are good and user reviews are largely positive. Disk Doctors should be a candidate for all but the most complex data recovery projects – significantly, it's up to the level of enterprise work. SSD and flash memory recovery, though, is not part of its arsenal (except for logical failures).


Disk Doctors has been offering professional data recovery solutions for more than two decades. It can recover data from damaged, corrupted, and dropped drives, and retrieve data from a variety of failed storage devices.

Services include hard drive recovery, Mac recovery, server recovery, RAID recovery, remote recovery, and more. It also offers forensics and eDiscovery services. In addition, those who are technically savvy with data storage devices can download demo versions of Disk Doctors data recovery software to determine whether the issue could be addressed using a recovery utility before spending money to purchase the software.

The company offers a host of software solutions that enable users to recover data due to logical failures. This includes tools to recover data from Windows, Mac, mobile devices, photo recovery and email recovery.

“Disk Doctors took the disk apart, built a new disk around the old platter, and managed to recover pretty much everything. It wasn't cheap, and in fact we needed two 'rounds' of recovery to find all the files we needed. I also needed to purchase a tool for repairing corrupted Microsoft Outlook email files,” said a home user.  

What's Recovered:

HDD, RAID, tape, external drives

How Implemented:

Ship the drive to the lab for a free evaluation, followed by a price quote. Diagnosis takes 2-6 hours.  

Lab Locations:

Cumming, GA.

"I was able to successfully restore many critical files from a corrupted hard disk. Your product saved me a great deal of time and trouble,” said a home user.

Core markets:

Recovery software is the core market with physical recovery as an additional service.


Single Hard Drive: $350 to $3,000 depending upon the nature of problem.

RAID Array: Starts at $1,500 for a mirror set.


Clean room

ISO 4 Class 10 and ISO 5 Class 100


HDD, SSD, mobile, external, flash

Lab location

New York

Core markets

Home, small business, healthcare, government


Starting at less than $1,000

Key Differentiator

Good for home or business HDD recovery


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