IBM Cloud Object Storage: Product Overview and Insight

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Company Description: IBM, as you know, is a public company with a long history in enterprise IT. IBM Security offers an integrated portfolios of enterprise services. This includes storage, security, mainframe, analytics and enterprise management.

Product Description: IBM Cloud Object Storage enables large organizations to store, manage and access data via a self-service portal and RESTful APIs. Applications can be directly connected to object storage and integrated with other IBM Cloud services.

Product Features:

·  Designed for high data durability via built-in integrity checking and self-repair capabilities.

·  Data is secured using server-side encryption; data in motion is secured using carrier-grade TLS/SSL.

·  Flexible tiering

·  High-speed data transfer

·  Compliance-enabled vaults for meeting regulatory retention requirements (like those in SEC 17a-4(f)), where companies must store some data immutably, preventing it from being deleted or modified during a specified retention period. These new data vaults protect object data from deletion or modification.

·  Concentrated dispersal mode capability enables smaller footprint systems to scale easily to larger configurations.

·  Those new to object storage can reduce their initial deployment commitment and still grow to petabyte scale and beyond.

Insight and Analysis: Technology Business Research said, “IBM continues to find innovative ways to create business value from new IT  infrastructure as much of its portfolio, revenue and strategy are shifting to emerging areas like cloud. IBM’s broad portfolio spanning cloud “as a Service” solutions, professional services, and hardware and software for on-premises private clouds, largely backed by analytics and security, sets it apart from vendors that have a narrower scope of cloud capabilities.”

However, the IBM cloud may not be suitable for small businesses or those at the lower end of the mid-market. 

Markets and Use Cases: Primarily for large enterprises

Implementation: The Cloud Object Storage API is a REST-based API for reading and writing objects. It supports IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management and HMAC for authentication and supports a subset of the S3 API for easy migration of applications to IBM Cloud.

Delivery: Software

Pricing: A single IBM Cloud service instance is available for free with up to 25 GB/month of storage. Otherwise, unlimited IBM Cloud service instances are available at storage GB/month pricing.

Drew Robb
Drew Robb
Drew Robb has been a full-time professional writer and editor for more than twenty years. He currently works freelance for a number of IT publications, including eSecurity Planet and CIO Insight. He is also the editor-in-chief of an international engineering magazine.

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