CommVault and XIOtech Announce Disk-based Data Protection Solution

CommVault Systems and XIOtech today announced a “Disk-Based Data Protection” solution coupling CommVault’s Galaxy backup and recovery software with XIOtech’s adaptive storage architecture.

The joint disk-based backup solution offers the ability to use XIOtech’s MAGNITUDE storage platform as a primary backup medium, virtually eliminating backup-media access time and dramatically increasing backup and recovery performance. By combining XIOtech’s architecture speed with CommVault Galaxy high performance backup and recovery, customers can provide trusted, advanced data protection strategies across mixed storage enterprises.

“The flexibility and strength of Galaxy’s media management capabilities maximize device performance. It doesn’t treat the disks as serial media, but as random access media which capitalizes on the strengths of XIOtech’s adaptive architecture,” said Dan McCormick, vice president of worldwide marketing for XIOtech. “This is in contrast to the typical virtual tape library solution, which does not fully take advantage of the performance available through virtualization. The primary business benefit of this solution is the speed and ease with which companies can restore critical data.”

XIOtech’s virtualization technology combines the performance and capacity of up to 64 disk drives into a central storage pool that can be accessed simultaneously by disparate servers, operating systems, and applications. According to XIOtech, the MAGNITUDE storage platform offers unmatched ease of use, seamless scalability, and on-the-fly storage configuration and management.

“CommVault Galaxy offers our customers a solution not seen before in the data protection market: seamless integration of disk as a target device, high speed recovery of frequently-accessed data, and a price that meets today’s cost-conscious IT budgets”, said Dave West, CommVault’s vice president of business development. “By combining Galaxy with XIOtech’s MAGNITUDE storage platform, we continue to deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers with performance and usability benefits that focus on recovery first.”

CommVault’s unified browser interface provides a single point of control for managing, scheduling, aging and cataloging backup copies of data. Via centralized storage policies, customers can easily combine the fast access of disk as a primary target for backups with the longer-term retention and disaster recovery capabilities of tape. With storage policies, the administrator can configure the backup scheme to migrate backup data from the backup disk library to tape or other media after a given retention parameter is met.

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