Onaro Puts Storage at VMs' Service


Onaro has added support for network-attached storage (NAS) and VMware to its SANscreen data center automation offerings.

Bryan Semple, Onaro's vice president of marketing, said server teams are "blind" to half the infrastructure — storage — that they need to operate virtual machines. Onaro hopes to change that with its latest offerings, NAS Insight and VM Insight 1.0, which provide visibility from servers to storage, identifying bottlenecks and performance issues.

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Bob Laliberte said server and storage virtualization "create additional complexity by driving rapid growth of connectivity to networked storage."

ESG has found that 86 percent of virtualization users are supporting their environment with networked storage, typically a combination of SAN and NAS resources. "Without effective centralized management capabilities, these networked storage environments can quickly become a bottleneck," Laliberte said.

The growing need for servers and storage to work together in virtualized data center environments has created an opportunity for vendors like Onaro, HP, EMC and Symantec (see Storage, Data Center Automation Begin to Converge).

Onaro said its Application Insight, Service Insight, NAS Insight and VM Insight 1.0 offerings "integrate NAS and SAN into the balance of IT operations," resulting in cost savings and lower risk of application outage.

Application Insight 3.0 adds array performance information for host-to-disk application load visibility and balancing, Onaro said, and NAS Insight "provides global visibility across all networked attached systems through a single pane of glass."

Service Insight 4.5 offers service path visibility for storage virtualization technologies, starting from the virtual host and continuing through the networked storage environment, including switches, virtual storage devices, arrays, volumes and disks. Onaro has added support for storage virtualization technologies from IBM, HDS and Incipient, but Semple said the company has yet to see customer demand for EMC Invista support.

Pricing for Service Insight starts at $85 per port. Application Insight starts at $70 per port, and NAS Insight starts at $75,000.

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