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Data Storage: Turning Data into Information

The challenge falls to storage and data architects to preserve essential data by developing an architecture that meets the need for performance, scalability and governance.

How to Choose a Hard Drive

Blockchain Could Help Stop Fake News

Could we harness the power of blockchain technology to stop the spread of fake news?

Okay, Some Rocks Need to Be Backed Up

The proliferation of file formats represents a big problem for long-term data storage.

Big Data: What Could Go Wrong and What We Need to Do About It

Big Data storage, by its sheer volume, poses new difficulties. Yet there are strategies that improve information flow.

Enterprise SSD DWPD: Calculating in Advance

Calculating SSD DWPD is essential. And sure, you can calculate how much data you can write and still be within the vendor’s warranty, but how do you determine in advance before you buy the SSDs how much data you are going to write a day?

Ten Trends Data Storage Pros Need to Watch

Storage administrators who want to keep their jobs had better keep their eyes on these things.

Why Workloads Matter More Than IOPS or Streaming

The speed of your storage device doesn't always directly correspond to the amount of work it can get done.

Rootkit Security: The Next Big Challenge

Henry Newman returns with a look at how to secure firmware against internal and external threats.

Backblaze: Is the Earth Flat?

A storage pundit criticizes the quality of a recent study conducted by Backblaze.

Follow the Money: Picking Technology Winners and Losers

Columnist Henry Newman bids a fond farewell with a final piece of advice.

The Day the Cloud Died: Planning for Cloud Failure

Cloud computing failure is far from a remote option, so businesses must have a plan to handle partial or complete cloud outages.

Ensuring the Future of Data Archiving

Data integrity, security and format migration across decades will require new software and standards.

The Future of HPC File Systems

HPC file systems offer many potential benefits, but the technology needs some important features before it will be ready for widespread enterprise adoption.

Resource Management and Control: A Straw Proposal for Linux

The open source community needs to begin researching ways to control system resources like storage queues, memory and network bandwidth.

Caching, Flash, Disk and Storage's Future

The relative importance of the technologies driving storage is shifting quickly.

SSD vs. HDD Pricing: Seven Myths That Need Correcting

Despite what some experts predict, enterprise SSDs are likely to be more expensive than HDDs for some time.

Selecting a Disk Drive: How Not to Do Research

A data storage pundit questions a recent blog posting that provides analysis of the disk drive selection process.

Data Storage's Changing Status Quo

From which technologies are favored to which vendors are leading the way, the data storage market is changing dramatically.

Data Storage: Reviewing 2013, Forecasting 2014

A noted data storage pundit fearlessly predicts the future for flash, SAS, SATA, NAS and many other key data storage technologies.

Where is the Data Storage Innovation?

As the data storage market churns with the old guard fending off the newcomers, where is enterprise storage headed?

Software Defined Storage and Networking: Will it Work?

The trend toward software defined is gaining steam in all IT sectors. But is it a good fit for storage and networking?

Tulips, Dot-coms and SANs: Why the SSD Buyout Craze Won't End Well

Enormous excitement over flash storage is driving a flurry of SSD acquisitions. Dot-com mania, anyone?

Data Storage: REST vs. POSIX for Archives and HSM

REST can’t manage data the way POSIX can, but will likely evolve and become the new data interface standard of the cloud era.

NFS vs Parallel: File System Performance Analysis

Storage Appliances Are the Future

IT storage administrators will need to understand data storage appliances if they want to remain employed.

SSDs, Flash and Why Disks Will Not Go Away

Despite what flash vendors say, SSDs are not going to replace hard disks completely anytime soon.

Hybrid Disk Drives, Caching SSDs and What They Mean to You

The idea of adding cache to storage is coming back into vogue again.

Cancer, Big Data and Storage

As researchers find new uses for big data--like personalized cancer treatment--it could result in a data explosion larger than anyone has predicted.

The 'Dumbing Down' of Data Storage

As appliances take over storage, enterprises don't need as many highly skilled storage administrators.

Big Data, Nate Silver, and Predictions

The trend toward data analysis and forecasting may require us to change how we view archives.

Data Storage, DNA and Shakespeare

Two British scientists realized that human DNA is a high capacity storage medium. Is this the future of storage?

The Rise and Fall of SAN Storage

What are the factors that are causing SAN storage to fall from dominance, and what does the rise of appliances mean for the storage industry?

File System Interface Future: Cloud Computing's Impact

Cloud storage cannot replace POSIX file systems fully, so various technologies will need to co-exist.

The Year in Storage: Reflection on 2012 and Predictions for 2013

A look back at the forecasts made for 2012 and a look ahead to what the new year might bring.

Cloud Security and Key Management: Major Worries

Data in the cloud needs to be encrypted, which means businesses must understand how to safely handle the keys to that encryption.

Picking the Right Cloud Storage Vendor

Given that cloud storage is relatively new, selecting the best cloud storage vendor for your business presents unique challenges.

Cloud Storage Marketing Hype: Amazon Glacier's Big Claims

Proving that the cloud storage space offers some questionable advertising, Amazon’s Glacier makes some remarkable claims.

How Many Archive Copies Do You Really Need?

Generally, when organizations are deciding how many copies of a file they need on hand, they are really asking a reliability question about  the data. And the most common question that follow that is, are two copies  on low-cost, low-reliability media better than one copy on enterprise media?

4 Storage Technologies Lost to the Recession

The storage industry was not immune to the recession, and a variety of of storage technologies have been killed, shelved or delayed in the past four years. Some are now finding new life. These key 4 technologies are slowly resurging, but the delays around their development and acceptance will be felt for a long time.

Looking Behind the Big Data Storage Buzz

Everyone is talking about Big Data, and this popular technology has implications up and down the storage stack. This new series will look at Big Data from each end of the spectrum -- from data extraction to the hardware needed to analyze the data, with  OS, file systems and other system software in the middle.

Forklift vs. Incremental Upgrade -- Weighing All the Factors

As the recessions drags its way to a close, many enterprises have upgrade needs and budget to spend in an environment that has seen little innovation. Deciding whether to go with a forklift or incremental upgrade is not a choice to be made lightly.

The Enigma of Benchmarking Clouds

However you feel about cloud storage, it is a consideration for many applications. Evaluating cloud providers to determine the best solution for an enterprise is often an arduous and complex task. Learn what you can do to make it less painful.

Protect Your Organization From Storage Hyperbole -- Why Vendors Over-Promise and Under-Deliver

If your recently bought storage system isn't delivering what your vendor promised, you're not alone in your frustration. Henry Newman explores why this is becoming increasingly common and what you can do to protect your enterprise.

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